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General Information

Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU), founded in 1978, is a regular university under the administration of Tianjin Municipal government. The city Tianjin is one of four municipalities directly administered by the Central Government of China, located south of and 120 km away from the Capital of Beijing.

Disciplines and Faculty

To serve the urbanization and urban modernization of China, TCU has constructed a mutually supportive, coordinately developing disciplinary system, consisting of six discipline groups of urban planning and architecture, urban construction, urban ecology and environment, urban economics and management, digital city, and urban culture.
TCU consists of twelve schools, three departments for basic courses and one college for continuing education, with over 900 full-time teachers out of over 1,300 faculty.

Programs and Students

TCU provides 51 undergraduate programs in six disciplines of engineering, science, management, economics, arts and humanities. As a member of National Excellent Engineer Training Program, TCU offers project-based, skilled oriented ‘trial run’ for engineering students, to broaden their horizons, re-enforce their knowledge foundation, and enhance their capabilities.
TCU provides 30 graduate programs for academic master degree in three disciplines of engineering, science and management. In addition, TCU offers five graduate programs for professional master degree in two subjects of engineering and landscape architecture.
Currently, TCU has more than 17,400 full-time students, including 16,500 undergraduates and 900 graduates.

Platforms and Research

TCU has set up a series of platforms for scientific research, technological innovation and industrial cooperation, including one engineering research center of the Ministry of Education of China, and two key laboratories, three engineering research centers, one key research base for humanities and social sciences, one collaborative innovation center on green building of Tianjin Municipal and so on.
TCU implements the strategy of ‘Research-driven development’, emphasizing fundamental research and highlighting specialties, which leads to the considerable increase in technological innovation and quality. The significant achievements include over 100 projects respectively sponsored by the National Basic Research (973) Program, the National Key Technologies R&D Program, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China and so on. 

Global Engagement

TCU’s partnerships and agreements cover more than 30 universities from four continents. TCU has obtained the approval of Ministry of Education of China for the joint undergraduate program with VIA University College, Denmark. Also TCU, joining with The University of Adelaide, Australia, set up the Research Center for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.
TCU has international students from Russia, Singapore, Indonesia etc., who play an important role in enriching the intellectual and social life of the campus.

Motto and Goal

The motto of TCU is to ‘Morality and Capability, Learning and Creating’.
The developing goal of TCU is to become a university with distinct characteristics and global perspective.