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2017 Admission Guidance of English-taught Undergraduate Program of Civil Engineering

English-taught Undergraduate Program of Civil Engineering

1. Program Review


Undergraduate program of Civil Engineering in TCU has a long history. Since 1986, the program has become a leading program in the university, providing lots of senior engineers for urban construction. The program was titled as the "National leading program" by Education Ministry of China in 2008. Meanwhile, the program is also a "Tianjin branding program". At present, this program is listed in the "Excellent Engineer Education Planning", getting financial support from the government. English-taught Undergraduate Program of Civil Engineering is the first undergraduate program open for international students, which accept international students since 2013.


Senior specialized talents with all-round development in morality, intellect and physique and strong capabilities and innovation in engineering will be trained to meet the demands of globalization. Graduates will understand basic theory and basic knowledge of civil engineering and can be engaged in technology and management work related to civil engineering, including housing construction engineering, road and bridge engineering, and urban underground engineering, cultivating students with skills and technologies in various aspects, such as design, research, construction, monitoring and management of engineering.


The students of the specialty will study basic theory and basic knowledge of mathematics, mechanics, civil engineering materials and structural design principle, receive basic training of mechanical analysis, structural design, construction technology and project management, text drawing expression, and master basic skills of civil engineering projects design, construction and organizational management, and supervision, etc.

2. Main Courses

Mechanics of Materials, Structure Mechanics, Engineering Geology, Soil Mechanics, Civil Engineering Materials, Design Principles of Concrete Structure, Steel Structure, Seismic Design of Building Structures, High Building Structure, Foundation Engineering, Construction Technology of Civil Engineering.

3. Degree Awarded

Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering

4. Duration

Four full-years

English-taught Undergraduate Program Admission

1.     Admission Requirements

Age limit: Be above the age of 18 and under the age of 30;

High school graduate or above;

Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to submit a TOEFL score of 68/190/520 or IELTS 5.5, or pass TCU entrance exams.

2. Tuition

RMB 20,000 per academic year.

3. Application Deadline

Before 15th July,2017.

4. Contact

Please send the Scanned copy of the documents to tcuapplication@163.com

5. Application Materials

1) Front page of passport, visa/residence permit (if applicable).

2) Diploma of Senior High School (in Chinese or English).

* If applicants can’t get Senior High School Diploma when application, please provide Certificate of expected graduation issued by Senior High School (in Chinese or English).

3) Senior High School transcripts of every year (in Chinese or English).

4) Certificate of National/Regional Graduation Examination/Matriculation Examination.

5) Health Certificate

6) Tianjin Chengjian University Application Form for International Students

7) Accepted Student Responsibility and JW202 Release Form Fall 2017

8) TCU Statement of Financial Sponsorship(with official bank statement) 9) Other documents that can prove your previous education background such as Language(Chinese/English ) Proficiency Certificate(not necessary)

10) Scholarship Application Form

a. Scholarship Application Form of Tianjin Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship

b. Scholarship Application Form of Tianjin Chengjian University Freshmen Scholarship

6. Registration Date and Time

New Semester starts on October 9th,2017(Monday)

Registration Date :

Working Day from September 14th, 2017(Thursday) to September 30th, 2017(Saturday)

Registration Time:

8:00 a.m.-11:00a.m.  14:00p.m.-16:00p.m.

7. Registration Site

Room B201 of School of International Education (Spherical Building), Tianjin Chengjian University