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Undergraduate Education

Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU) was one of the first institutions of higher education that passed the undergraduate teaching assessment launched by the State Education Commission in 1997. TCU also got through the undergraduate teaching assessment launched by the Chinese Ministry of Education with excellent results in December of 2007. TCU became one of the first pilot institutions of higher education implementing the plan for “Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers” of Tianjin in 2011. Currently, TCU has a total enrollment of over 16,000 full time undergraduate students.

Sticking to the theme of urban construction, TCU has been putting great stress on “setting up specific superiority in majors”. According to industry demands, TCU has established fifty-one undergraduate majors. Among these majors, “Civil Engineering” is an experimental major of the national comprehensive professional reform; “Civil Engineering” and “Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering” are two of the experimental majors of Tianjin comprehensive professional reform; Seven Tianjin brand majors includes “Architectural Electricity and Intelligentization”, “Architecture”, “Civil Engineering”, “Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering”, “Water Supply and Drainage Engineering”, “Project Management” and “Materials Science and Engineering”; Five majors related to emerging industries of strategic importance includes “City Underground Space Engineer”, “Urban and Rural Planning”, “Network Engineering”, “Land Resources Management” and “Art and Design”; Six majors have got through the national undergraduate education assessment, including “Civil.Engineering”, “Project Management”, “Water Supply and Drainage Engineering”, “Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering”, “Architecture” and “Urban and Rural Planning”. Twelve of the fifty-one majors have been ranked as Tianjin brand majors or majors related to emerging industries of strategic importance and they are all under the practice of the plan for “Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers” of Tianjin.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs & Schools

SchoolsBachelor’s Degree ProgramsFields of DisciplinesAcademic System
School of Architecture01 ArchitectureArchitecture5 years
02 Urban and Rural PlanningEngineering5 years
03 Landscape ArchitectureEngineering4 years
School of Civil Engineering04 Civil EngineeringEngineering4 years
05 Road, Bridge and Crossing EngineeringEngineering4 years
06 City Underground Space EngineeringEngineering4 years
07 Harbor, Waterway and Coastal EngineeringEngineering4 years
08 Traffic EngineeringEngineering4 years
School of Energy and Safety Engineering09 Energy and Power EngineeringEngineering4 years
10 Building Environment and Energy EngineeringEngineering4 years
11 Safety EngineeringEngineering4 years
School of Materials Science and Engineering12 Materials Science and EngineeringEngineering4 years
13 Materials ChemistryScience4 years
14 Inorganic Non-metallic Materials EngineeringEngineering4 years
School of Economics and Management15 Construction ManagementManagement4 years
16 Information Management and Information SystemsManagement4 years
17 Cost EngineeringManagement4 years
18 Electronic BusinessManagement4 years
19 MarketingManagement4 years
20 Business AdministrationManagement4 years
21 Land Resources ManagementManagement4 years
22 InvestmentEconomics4 years
23 Urban ManagementManagement4 years
24 Construction Management(joint education with foreign universities)Management4 years
School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering25  Water Science & EngineeringEngineering4 years
26 Environmental EngineeringEngineering4 years
27 Environmental ScienceEngineering4 years
28 Ecological Engineering of EnvironmentEngineering4 years
School of Computer and Information Engineering29 Computer Science and TechnologyEngineering4 years
30 Network EngineeringEngineering4 years
31 Electronic Information EngineeringEngineering4 years
32 Electronic Science and TechnologyEngineering4 years
33 Internet of Things EngineeringEngineering4 years
34 Software Engineering(cooperative education)Engineering4 years
School of Control and Mechanical Engineering35 Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and AutomationEngineering4 years
36 Electrical Engineering and AutomationEngineering4 years
37 Building Electricity and IntelligenceEngineering4 years
38 Industrial DesignEngineering4 years
39 AutomationEngineering4 years
School of Geology and Geomatics40 Geological EngineeringEngineering4 years
41 Surveying and Mapping EngineeringEngineering4 years
42 Human geography and planning in urban and rural areasEngineering4 years
43 Geographic Information SystemEngineering4 years
School of Urban Arts44 Environment DesignArt4 years
45 Product DesignArt4 years
46 Visual Communicate DesignArt4 years
47Art and TechnologyArt4 years
School of Foreign Languages48 EnglishLiterature4 years
49 TranslationLiterature4 years
School of Science 50 Applied ChemistryScience4 years
51 Applied PhysicsScience4 years

The statistics of the National College Students' Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Program

YearNumbers of ProjectsTotal
National LevelProvincial and Ministerial-level

TCU adheres to “developing the university with high quality”, and is committed to cultivating capable and practical engineering talents, namely, graduates with “solid foundation, broad knowledge, practical ability, comprehensive high-quality, innovative spirit and ability to initiate”. In order to cultivate the undergraduates’ abilities of project practice and career development, “2+X+1 talent nurturing mode” has been built. It includes two years of basic courses, one year of professional courses (two years of Architecture and Urban and Rural Planning each) and one year of practical training.

List of Quality Curriculum in Tianjin

Course NameDate of ApplicationPerson in ChargeCourse Level
Data Structure2004Jianping Huundergraduate
Foreign Architecture History & Theory2005Jin Shiundergraduate
Systems Engineering & Operational Research2006Zhaojun Dongundergraduate
Heat Transfer2006Huihua Yeundergraduate
Engineering Bidding and Contracting Management2007Jianting Wangundergraduate
Structure Design Principles2007Dejian Yangundergraduate
Applied Statistics2008Qixun Fuundergraduate
College Computer Basic Courses2009Jianping Huundergraduate
College Sports2009Shisheng Liundergraduate
Bridge Engineering2010Zilin Liundergraduate
Structural Mechanics2012Endi Cuiundergraduate
Material Mechanics2012Guangwen Xuundergraduate

TCU adheres to carrying out the programs of scientific and technological practice and entrepreneurship project plan, which has been incorporated into the “undergraduate teaching project” of national university student innovation and entrepreneurship training program by the Ministry of education. TCU pays more attention to strengthening the cooperation with well-known enterprises to train talents jointly. Moreover, TCU strengthens education on professional ethics, with the aim to enhance students’ capacity of taking pains, willing to work hard, being good at operation and outstanding achievements. Therefore, TCU has cultivated many outstanding talents who are professional, willing to stay, easy to learn and good at practice.

TCU has a good women soccer team, which has received different awards in the National College Student Women’s Soccer Championship, the National Women’s FA Cup and Women’s Championship of the National College Women Football Championship.

Since its foundation, TCU has trained more than 40,000 qualified professional graduates, many of whom have become leaders, experts and technical backbone of the urban construction system in Tianjin or the surrounding areas. Statistics show that over a third of the engineers and technicians in Tianjin urban construction system are TCU graduates, and a large number of outstanding graduates have become core leaders in the fields of urban planning, construction and management.