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SchoolsBachelor’s Degree ProgramsFields of DisciplinesAcademic System
School of Architecture01 ArchitectureArchitecture5 years
02 Urban and Rural PlanningEngineering5 years
03 Landscape ArchitectureEngineering4 years
School of Civil Engineering04 Civil EngineeringEngineering4 years
05 Road, Bridge and Crossing EngineeringEngineering4 years
06 City Underground Space EngineeringEngineering4 years
07 Harbor, Waterway and Coastal EngineeringEngineering4 years
08 Traffic EngineeringEngineering4 years
School of Energy and Safety Engineering09 Energy and Power EngineeringEngineering4 years
10 Building Environment and Energy EngineeringEngineering4 years
11 Safety EngineeringEngineering4 years
School of Materials Science and Engineering12 Materials Science and EngineeringEngineering4 years
13 Materials ChemistryScience4 years
14 Inorganic Non-metallic Materials EngineeringEngineering4 years
School of Economics and Management15 Construction ManagementManagement4 years
16 Information Management and Information SystemsManagement4 years
17 Cost EngineeringManagement4 years
18 Electronic BusinessManagement4 years
19 MarketingManagement4 years
20 Business AdministrationManagement4 years
21 Land Resources ManagementManagement4 years
22 InvestmentEconomics4 years
23 Urban ManagementManagement4 years
24 Construction Management(joint education with foreign universities)Management4 years
School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering25  Water Science & EngineeringEngineering4 years
26 Environmental EngineeringEngineering4 years
27 Environmental ScienceEngineering4 years
28 Ecological Engineering of EnvironmentEngineering4 years
School of Computer and Information Engineering29 Computer Science and TechnologyEngineering4 years
30 Network EngineeringEngineering4 years
31 Electronic Information EngineeringEngineering4 years
32 Electronic Science and TechnologyEngineering4 years
33 Internet of Things EngineeringEngineering4 years
34 Software Engineering(cooperative education)Engineering4 years
School of Control and Mechanical Engineering35 Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and AutomationEngineering4 years
36 Electrical Engineering and AutomationEngineering4 years
37 Building Electricity and IntelligenceEngineering4 years
38 Industrial DesignEngineering4 years
39 AutomationEngineering4 years
School of Geology and Geomatics40 Geological EngineeringEngineering4 years
41 Surveying and Mapping EngineeringEngineering4 years
42 Human geography and planning in urban and rural areasEngineering4 years
43 Geographic Information SystemEngineering4 years
School of Urban Arts44 Environment DesignArt4 years
45 Product DesignArt4 years
46 Visual Communicate DesignArt4 years
47Art and TechnologyArt4 years
School of Foreign Languages48 EnglishLiterature4 years
49 TranslationLiterature4 years
School of Science 50 Applied ChemistryScience4 years
51 Applied PhysicsScience4 years

CategoriesMasters of First-Level DisciplinesMasters of Second- Level DisciplinesAcademic System
EngineeringMaterial Science & EngineeringMaterial Physics & Chemistry3 years
Material Science
Material Processing Engineering
Computer Science & TechnologyComputer Systematic Structure
Computer Software & Theory
Computer Application Technology
Computer Control & Intelligent Building Engineering
ArchitectureArchitectural History & Theory
Architectural Design & Theory
Architectural Technology
Civil EngineeringGeo-technical Engineering
Structure Engineering
Municipal Engineering
Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering & Protection Engineering
Bridge & Tunnel Engineering
Surveying and Mapping and 3S Technique in Civil Engineering
Urban Thermal Energy Engineering
Environmental Science & EngineeringEnvironmental Science
Environmental Engineering
Urban & Rural PlanningUrban & Rural Planning
Landscape ArchitectureLandscape Architecture
Professional MasterArchitecture & Civil Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Project Management
Surveying and Mapping Engineering
Landscape Architecture

GeologyMineralogy, Petrology, Mineral Deposits
Paleontology and Strategraphy(including  Paleo-anthropology)
Structural Geology
Quaternary Geology
Management ScienceManagement Science & EngineeringManagement Science & Engineering
Urban Management
Green Building & Operation Management





Note: The applicant should pay his or her own expenses on meals, medical treatments, textbooks and activities (e.g. experiments, practice, visits, etc.) beyond the teaching plan.

Living Facilities and Cost