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How to Apply

Welcome to TCU. The following is the step for your reference.

Step #1: Please read the following information and choose your major

*Program Introduction

*Scholarship Guidance

*Related Regulations of TCU:

1. Fee Structure for TCU International Students of 2017 Batch

2. Merit Scholarship Selection Guidelines for Outstanding International Students of TCU

3. Rules and Regulations for Undergraduate Records of International Students of TCU 

4. Rules and Regulations for International Students of TCU


 Step #2: Submit forms, scholarship application forms and scan copy of application materials to tcuapplication@163.com  



1) Tianjin Chengjian University Application Form for International Students(download)

2) Accepted Student Responsibility and JW202 Release Form Fall 2017(download)

3) TCU Statement of Financial Sponsorship (with official bank statement)(download)

*Scholarship Application forms

a. Scholarship Application Form of Tianjin Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship(download)

b. Scholarship Application Form of Tianjin Chengjian University Freshmen Scholarship (download)

* Personal Information materials

1) Front page of passport, visa/residence permit (if applicable).

2) Diploma of Senior High School (in Chinese or English).

* If applicants can’t get Senior High School Diploma when application, please provide Certificate of expected graduation issued by Senior High School (in Chinese or English).

3) Senior High School transcripts of every year (in Chinese or English).

4) Certificate of National/Regional Graduation Examination/Matriculation Examination.

5) Health Certificate

6) Other documents that can prove your previous education background such as Language (Chinese/ English) Proficiency Certificate (not necessary)

 Step #3: Electrical Admission Notice and Certificated of Scholarship will be sent to your e-mail address for your confirmation. ADMISSION PACKAGE will be sent to your mailing address.


1. Admission Notice

2. Certificate of Scholarship

3. Fee structure for TCU international students of 2017 batch

4. JW202

5. Arrival and Registration Notice


 Step #4: After receiving admission package, you can apply visa and prepare to come to China. Please come and register on Working Day from September 14th, 2017(Thursday) to September 30th, 2017(Saturday) at TCU.


TCU Application Form .doc

Accepted student reponsiblity and JW202 Release Form.pdf

TCU Statement of Financial Sponsorship .pdf

TCU Freshmen Scholarship Form.doc

Tianjin Government Scholarship Form.doc