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School of Foreign Languages


Department of Foreign Languages was founded in 2004 and upgraded to School of Foreign Languages in March 2013. It provides four-year professional education for students of English major and Translation major.

There are four teaching units: Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Translation and Interpreting, and two Teaching and Reasearch Departments of College English. They undertake all the teaching tasks of all the courses for English majors and Translation majors, College English for non-English majors, and optional courses for TCU students.

Totally, there are 68 faculties and staff, among which 62 are teaching staff. Sixteen have been awarded the senior academic titles of professor and associate professor. Many foreign teachers, experts and scholars are invited to Department of Foreign Languages for teaching and lecturing every year.

While the teaching staff undertake tremendous teaching assignments, they are actively engaged in academic research and have achieved fruitful findings. In recent years, the teaching staff have published more than two hundreds academic papers, and edited and co-edited more than thirty books. Meanwhile, they have accomplished quite a number of projects at ministerial, provincial and university levels..

School of Foreign Languages are well equipped with advanced language labs and an abundance of audio-visual data and materials. The School library consists of thousands of books on translation studies, British and American literature, linguistic theories, professional English, English tests and other reference books. These books provide support and guarantee for the effective ongoing of teaching and academic research in our School.

Nowadays, with discipline construction as guideline and teaching reform as breakthrough, the whole staff in the School of Foreign Languages of TCU is striving for a higher level of teaching and academic research. 


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Undergraduate Programs


1English Language and Literature4 years
2Translation and Interpreting4 years

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Tel: 022-23085149
Email: wyxbg@tcu.edu.cn