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School of Civil Engineering


The School of Civil Engineering (SCE) was founded in 2011. Its predecessor – the Department of Civil Engineering founded in 1978.

The major of Civil Engineering was established in 1984. It became a featured major of higher education approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance in 2008. In 2009, the major of Civil Engineering passed the specialty evaluation organized by the Ministry of Construction. In 2010, Civil Engineering was named Tianjin Brand Major and listed into Excellent Engineer Training Plan of the Ministry of Education in 2011. The major of Civil Engineering was also the first Educational Reform Pilot Project approved by the Ministry of

Education and Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education respectively in 2012 and 2013. Additionally, we set up a National-level practice training base with 18th Bureau of China Railway.

On the basis of the major of Civil Engineering, four new majors (Traffic Engineering, Harbor, Waterway and Coastal Engineering, City Underground Space Engineering, and Road, Bridge and Crossing Engineering) were established respectively in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2010.
SCE has become a comprehensive school with five majors under Civil Engineering (including three major directions of Construction Engineering, Road and Bridge Engineering, and Underground Structure Engineering), Traffic Engineering, Harbor, Waterway and Coastal Engineering, City Underground Space Engineering, and Road, Bridge and Crossing Engineering.

The scale of subjects ranks at the top among civil engineering colleges in China. Laboratory of Civil Engineering is Model Center for Experimental Teaching in Tianjin which has five sub-laboratories, i.e. Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanics, Building Materials and Simulation Analysis Laboratory. Meanwhile, the School has four research institutes (Construction Engineering, Underground Port and Waterway Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Mechanics) and two laboratories which belong to Institute of Traffic Engineering and Harbor & Waterway Engineering.

SCE has a faculty of 118, including three doctoral supervisors, 27 professors, 36 associate professors, and nine laboratory technicians, of which 43 have gained doctor’s degree. Among them all, there is one chair professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, three experts of Tianjin 131 Talents Program (two of first level, and one of second level), three teachers with the title of Tianjin Outstanding Teacher of Tianjin City, three experts with Special Allowance of the State Department, one Teaching Team and one Innovative Team of Tianjin Higher Education Institutions. The faculty members are well-qualified and reasonably-structured. The teaching team consists of various age groups and is mainly built by middle-aged faculty.

SCE has 2,620 registered students currently, including 2,406 undergraduates and 214 postgraduates. The School has also undertaken the teaching task for international students.

SCE has attached great importance to the development of disciplines and tried to improve teaching quality and to promote scientific innovation. Our School has trained and cultivated many excellent students and a large number of top-class technicians for the country, who have made important contribution to the economic construction and the national development. Alumni of SCE have worked on numerous infrastructure landmarks at home and abroad. They will continue to design, build and improve infrastructure in various regions and cities in China.


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The School has the authority to confer master’s degree of first-level discipline of Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, as well as engineering master’s degree of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The School includes three first-level disciplines, which are Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering. The first-level discipline of Civil Engineering is the Key Discipline in Tianjin.

The School has cooperative relationships with many universities, colleges, enterprises and institutes in the aspects of academic exchange, science and technology co-operation and cooperative education. It has established seven research centers: Research Center of Land Reclamation & Soft Soil Technology of Ministry of Education, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Soft Soil Properties and Engineering Environment, Technology Center of Soft Soil engineering of Binhai, Tianjin, Co-founded Research Center of Geological Environment and Geotechnical Engineering established by TCU and Geology & Geophysics Institute of CAS, Co-founded Research Center of Disaster Prevention and Reduction established by TCU and the University of Adelaide, Testing Center of Civil Engineering of TCU, and Geotechnical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Great progress has been achieved in the combination of production, education and research.


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Graduate Programs


1Structural Engineering2.5 years
2Geotechnical Engineering3 years
3Bridge and Tunnel Engineering2.5 years
4Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering2.5 years

Undergraduate Programs


1Civil Engineering4 years
2Harbour,Waterway and Coastal Engineering4 years
3Traffic Engineering4 years
4Road,Bridge and Crossing Engineering4 years
4City Underground Space Engineering4 years

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