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Department of Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences, set up in December, 1993 on the former Office of Marxism-Leninism Theory and Moral Education, focuses on the teaching of ideological and political theories and courses aiming to improve the humanistic qualities of college students.

It is divided into three divisions with 22 full-time teachers and one staff.  Among the teachers there are 5 professors, 8 associate professors. 12 of them are with doctorate degree and one to be and 5 master’s degree. Together, they take care of all the teaching, management, theoretical studies of this field and direct the course construction.

The Department currently offers seven compulsory courses and a series of public optional courses to undergraduate students. The seven include Basic Tenets of Marxism, Modern Chinese History, Mao Zedong Thought and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Fundamentals of Law, Situation and Policy, College Chinese, Fundamentals of Aesthetics. Optional courses include Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy, Chinese Modernization, A Comparison of Chinese and Western Culture, Lectures of International Relations, Chinese Ancient Literature, Managerial Psychology, Social Psychology and Contract Law. 

For the postgraduate students, there is one compulsory course of Theory and Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and other optional courses like Marxism and Social Science Methodology, Dialectics of Nature, etc.

To improve the quality of courses, the Department organizes routine studies, communication, training and practices for teachers, employs a standardized management and carries out teaching reform practices. 

In 2010, the discipline of Sociology was promised a fund to set up a research institution, which lays good foundation and shows potential for the future development.

As an effective way to boost teaching, research work is also emphasized. Research projects of various levels gain fruitful results. One national level, 11 provincial and ministerial level, 14 bureau level and 6 campus projects were approved with a total research fund of over 100,000 yuan. About 60 papers of the teachers were published, among which 30 are in core journals, as well as three monographs and two textbooks. 

Relying on our expertise, teachers here also provide a wide range of lectures and services to the students, from holding open lectures, lectures on the well-being and development of students and party lectures to rendering help in club activities and competitions and to deliver psychological and legal consulting services to meet their needs. 

Their work is recognized and awarded. In the last few years four was honored as excellent college teachers on ideological and political theory in Tianjin, one crowned as excellent morality educator. The Department of Social Sciences also won titles in Tianjin and teachers reap prizes in teaching competitions.