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School of Economics and Management


Founded in 1987, School of Economics and Management has become one of the largest schools in Tianjin Chengjian University. It has 2,200 undergraduates and 70 faculty members, including 16 professors, 22 associate professors and 25 lecturers,among whom, 27 have obtained a doctoral degree.
The school consists of 5 departments: Department of Management Engineering, Department of Business Adminstration, Department of Public Management, Department of Economics, and Institute of Urban and Region Economy. Meanwhile, it has 3 research centers: Research Center of Tianjin Urbanization and Rural Construction ( an authorized Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science in Tianjin), Research Center of Collaboratve Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and Research Center of Ecologically Friendly Cities and Sustainable Construction ( a key research base of the school).
With national urbanization reform and modern urban management as its focus, the school has set up a series of programs with distinctive characteristics. Following TCU’s motto of “laying balanced emphasis on morality and ability, being strict and practical, practicing diligence and thrift, making progress through competition and shared efforts”, the school is dedicated to the cultivation of application-oriented talents in urban construction and management. In the past 25 years, more than 5000 students graduated from the school.
Meanwhile, the school has been striving for the improvement of teaching quality and research ability. In the past few years, it has undertaken 12 provincial and ministerial teaching and research programs, 23 university teaching reform programs, and won 2 teaching achievement awards at provincial and ministerial level, 6 teaching achievement awards of TCU. More than 20 academic papers and 50 books were published. Besides, three courses, including System Engineering and Operations Research, Project Bidding and Contract Management, and Applied Statistics, were awarded as Quality Courses by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission. 4 courses, including Project Management, Accounting, Development and Operation of Real Estate, Engineering Measurement and Valuation were awarded as Quality Course by TCU.
Recent years have witnessed great progress in research work of the school. It has undertaken many research programs in urban construction, urban economics and management, and rural construction, including 8 national research programs, over 40 provincial and ministerial research programs, published over 300 academic papers, 10 academic works, and won 9 provincial and ministerial achievement awards.
Meanwhile, the school has actively carried out many kinds of social service, including operation and management standards design of rural housing demonstration project construction, the design of rural housing green technology standards, hosting of “Twelfth Five Year” development plan of science and technology of urbanization from Ministry of Science and Technology, design of green building appraisal standards in Tianjin, design of green building appraisal standards in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, “Twelfth Five Year” development plan of urbanization in Tianjin, “Twelfth Five Year” construction and technology development plan in Tianjin, land grading and standards land price appraisal in counties of Tianjin, new rural construction and planning in Tianjin, and land planning and design in Tianjin rural demonstration construction.


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Discipline: Management Science and Engineering

Management Science and Engineering, as a first-grade postgraduate program, was authorized by Education Ministry in 2006. With comprehensive management theory, techniques, methods and application as its main teaching and research contents, this program has opened up a wide range of research fields, including urbanization and village construction management, engineering project management, urban management and governance, development and operation of real estate, and information management and systems.


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Graduate Programs


1MSc in management science and engineering 3 years
2MSc in urban management3 years
3MSc in green construction and operation management3 years
4MSc in project management3 years
5MSc in construction and civil engineering3 years

Undergraduate Programs


1BSc in Construction Management4 years
2BSc in Construction Cost4 years
3BSc in Information Management and Information System4 years
4BSc in Business Administration4 years
5BSc in Marketing (Real Estate)4 years
6BSc in Electronic Business4 years
7BSc in Land Resource Management4 years
8BSc in Urban Management4 years
9BSc in Investment4 years

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