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School of Energy and Safety Engineering


School of Energy and Safety Engineering was founded in 1984. It boasts three undergraduate specialties (building environment and energy application engineering, energy and power engineering and safety engineering), two grade-2 subject master (HVAC and urban thermal energy engineering) and one engineering master (architectural and civil engineering field).

The school has advantages and characteristics in personnel training, scientific research and social services. Building environment and energy application engineering is a demonstrative professional of municipal comprehensive reform in Tianjin, and has troughed the undergraduate teaching level evaluation of MOHURD in 2011. The affiliated experiment center is a municipal demonstrative center of experimental teaching. The specialty of energy and power engineering, as one of the most scientific research and social services ability in Tianjin, has strong foundation for scientific research. Safety engineering is the only undergraduate specialty set according to the building safety and city gas safety with outstanding characteristics.

Among all the 50 faculty, there are 10 professors and 17associate professors, full-time students are over 1670.

The school pays close attention to the urgent issues of energy saving and urban security  in China economic development, especially in urban modernization construction, and has formed  stable research directions and strength around building energy conservation, urban thermal energy engineering, urban gas transmission and building security and other fields, has undertaken series of national, provincial projects. The school has established 3 research foundations with the corporation of enterprises, research and training center for building energy-saving, research center for solid waste fuelization, testing center for thermal and fireproof performance of building materials.


Picture 1  Overall situation


The key discipline of heating, gas supply, ventilating and air conditioning engineering was founded in 2003. Closely combined with the urgent issues of energy saving and urban security  in China economic development, especially in building energy-saving technology, technology of air pollution control and air conditioning, gas transmission, distribution and application technology, utilization technology of  renewable energy, have undertaken more than 100 national, provincial projects, have published nearly 300 high level academic papers and applied more than 20 patents.


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Graduate Programs


1Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering 2003
2urban thermal energy engineering2013

Undergraduate Programs


1building environment and energy application engineering1979
2Energy and Power Engineering2001
3Safety Engineering2006

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Picture 5 Student activity

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