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Department of Physical Education


Department of Physical Education is a teaching division implementing Rules and Regulations of School Physical Education and National Student’s Physical Health Standards. As a teaching division under the direct control of TCU, Department of Physical Education undertakes the teaching assignments of all undergraduates, stadium’s daily management, sports and fitness activities of all students and teachers, sports competition inside and outside the university as well as the building of sports culture.

There is a staff of 34 persons in Department of Physical Education, which includes 31 professional teachers. Among them, there are two professors, 15 associate professors, 12 lecturers and two assistants. Two of them are international judges and three are national judges. More than 10 teachers have acquired qualification certificates of different kinds. The structure of the staff continues to be optimized in order to fulfill the demand of physical education and to meet the needs of cultivating talents in TCU.

The Department of Physical Education has set up a curriculum that highlights the guideline of “health first” and “lifelong sports” and implemented the teaching and management mode of “internal and external integration”. It sticks to human-oriented teaching principle which emphasizes students’ physical and psychological development as well as individuality. The Department takes the initiative to adapt to the needs of social development by creating various forms of sports and providing our students with a variety of choices. The students can choose their teachers and courses according to their needs. In the light of present conditions of stadiums, 13 courses have been offered to students, which are football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, martial arts, combat sports, Tai Ji, Yoga, aerobics, taekwondo, and physical fitness.

In the aspect of group competition, the Department has actively supported and guided the students’ sports association and clubs. So far there are about 20 sports associations of single item in TCU. They organize a great variety of competitions and lay a good foundation for students’ belief in “lifelong sports”. As TCU has sufficient space indoors and outdoors for sports, group sports are flourishing in TCU. The target of “weekly sports & monthly competition” has been fulfilled. The yearly sports meeting, competitions of football, basketball, volleyball tournament, table tennis, badminton, taekwondo, aerobics, martial arts and a series of new projects constitute the splendid sports culture in TCU. With the devoted instructions and organizations of the trainers, TCU’s Sports Team never slackens its efforts. TCU’s football team, aerobic team, and taekwondo team have won first prizes in University Students' Athletic Meeting of Tianjin for several times. TCU is one of the universities which have high standard sports teams. In 2011, TCU’s Women Football Team won second prize in National Women Football League. In 2012, TCU’s Women Football Team won first prize in CFA Cup. In the same year, TCU’s Women Football Team won third prize in the 9th National University Students’ Sports Meeting.

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