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School of Control and Mechanical Engineering

The school offers five specialtiessuch as "Electrical Engineering and Automation", " BuildingElectricity and Intelligence ", "Mechanical Design &Manufacturing and Automation", "Automation" and "Industrial Design". Among them, the "BuildingElectricity and intelligence" specialty is named “brand specialty of Tianjin” and has certain influence in the industry. "Control Science and Engineering" is thekey discipline in our school, which hasa master of “Computer Control and Building Intelligence” and engineer master of "Architecture and Civil Engineering".

The teachers in our schoolare the outstanding professionals: 7professors, 20 associate professors; 16 teachers with doctor degree, including 9 postgraduate tutors. 5master candidates and 1392 undergraduate students are studying in school. The school focuseson the open-door and industrial mode of education, and has built a long-term relationship of cooperation with BROAD Group, Tianfang technology,Zhongli Lightning Protectionco., Nanao Elevator Technology, Taiwan holtek semiconductor Inc., golden tiangong construction machinery co., and some building construction units and enterprises, forminga distinguished feature of industry-oriented education. In January 2015, our school has already signed co-operation agreementsin Electrical Engineering and Automation with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.

In recent 3 years, we have taken on more than 31research projects, including 7 national-level projects, 1 National Natural Science Foundation project, 26 projects at provincial and ministry level, 23 bureau-leveland transverse projects. 150 papers have been published on domestic and foreign journals, in which 79 papers are retrieved by SCI, EI.The teachers have won four Provincial-level scientific research awards and applied or authorized 11 national invention patents.

ProfessorShou-xi Chai is Secretary of the CPC committee of college, and Professor Zhao Jianis vice President of stewardship.

Data as of May 2015


"Control Theory and Control Engineering" is the key discipline in our university. Its research directions mainly include: Building Intelligent System Detection, Building Electricity and Intelligence,Control Theory and Simulation Technology. Building Intelligent System Detection direction includes performance testing, evaluation analysis and diagnosis of intelligent building's subsystems, building energy consumption monitoring and energy-saving control and so on. Building Electricity and Intelligence direction focuses on the current intelligent buildings andsmart residential districts and researches the application of new technology and new process in modern architecture,so that the modern building electrical technology and its engineering application have been studied comprehensively and systematically from theheavy-current and light-current aspects. Control Theory and Simulation Technology direction mainly aims at the factors such as multivariable, nonlinearity, uncertainty and large change of production boundary conditions existing in the complex industrial processes and building electrical systems. It combines intelligent control theorywith intelligent control technology and pays attention to various methods cross and the application in the industrial process control and modern building electric control system, etc.

Aiming at energy conservation and emissions reduction, “Control Theory and Control Engineering” discipline focuses on the professional characteristics of multidisciplinary crossover studyand more technology integrated application, and researches the optimization operation, energy consumption monitoring technology and the management mode of intelligent buildings.Thedisciplinepays attention to intelligent optimal control and management of building equipment to improve the building’s the safety, comfort and efficiency.Mathematical modeling, real-time control and economic index optimal control of intelligent building’s systemare the key issues of study to realize the intelligent control and energy saving goal of the building electrical system.

The main research direction


Graduate Programs


1Computer Control and Building Intelligence3 years

Undergraduate Programs


1Electrical  Engineering and Automation4 years
2Building Electricity and Intelligence4 years
3Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation4 years
4Automation4 years
5Industrial Design 4 years


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