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International Cooperation Office

The International Cooperation Office of Tianjin Chengjian University is committed to promoting the cooperation and exchange between Tianjin Chengjian University and its overseas partners, and to cultivating international students of Tianjin Chengjian University.

The office is now home to two sections. They are Section of International Education, and Section of Foreign Experts & Overseas Educational Cooperation. The general responsibilities of the two sections are as follows.

Section of International Education is responsible for the following.

1.To cultivate international students of degree program, in terms of recruitment, teaching management and daily life management;
2.To cultivate international students of short-term program, including international students of Chinese language program and international exchange students;
3.To promote Chinese language and culture among international students;
4.To organize students of Tianjin Chengjian University to go abroad to take part in short-term exchange program, internship program and degree program.

Section of Experts and Projectsis responsible for the following.

1.To employ and provide services for foreign expert, and to organize the implementation of the international intellectual programs;
2.To coordinate the establishment and management of the joint educational programs with overseas universities and institutions;
3.To help with all the paperwork of internal students, staff and faculty members to go abroad;
4.To help organize the international and academic conferences hosted by Tianjin Chengjian University.