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Research Overview

Tianjin Chengjian University effectively implements the strategy of “boosting the university with scientific research”, highlights fundamental research and defines the orientation of scientific research. As a result, the capability and quality of scientific innovation has been greatly enhanced. In recent years, TCU has developed an advantage of scientific research in areas such as soft soil property & engineering environment, construction safety & disaster prevention and reduction, water treatment & environment management, city planning & protection of historical building, green building & building energy conservation, buidling intelligent system, urbanization & neo-rural construction. These advantages have a certain influence in China and abroad and led to a series of landmark achievements. “Anti-explosion Theory and Key Technology of Important Buildings” won National Science & Technology Progress Award Certificate Grade 2 in 2012. “Engineering Structure Failure Mechanism and Computing Theory Under the Condition of Gas(Fuel Oil) Explosion” has been approved as a project in the National Key Basic Research Development Plan 973.

Tianjin Chengjian University integrates advantageous resources and expands the space of cooperation. A series of technological innovations and service platforms have been built up, such as 1 Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education,2 Key Laboratories in Tianjin, 4 Municipal Engineering Centers, 1 Municipal Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Science, 1 Municipal Teamwork Innovation Center, 1 Municipal Technological Achievements Transformation Center. TCU also leads Green Building Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.

TCU participated in drafting the following development plans.
1) China’s Urbanization & Scientific and Technological Development Strategy of Rural Construction organized by National Ministry of Science and Technology;
2) The 12th Five-year Plan of Tianjin Scientific and Technological Development  organized by Tianjin Science and Technology Committee;
3) The 12th Five-year Plan of Tianjin Construction and Technological Development organized by Tianjin Urban and Rural Construction & Transportation Committee.

TCU has taken full adantage of the construction of Binhai New Area and development of “Intelligent City”.Its efforts of scientific and technological research and development has focused on the Tianjin’s construction and development of Binhai New Area. TCU has undertaken the technological research and development of major constructions and provided powerfully technological and intellectual support.
Scholars in TCU are dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and looking forward to cooperating with colleagues in China and abroad.