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“Cloud” Commencement Ceremony for Class of 2020
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In order to give Class of 2020 a warm and memorable commencement day and leave them no regret before graduation, TCU held aCloud  Commencement Ceremony on June 8th through cloud platform to broadcast alive. There is 1 main venue and 13 branch venues.The university leadership as well as the faculties and graduates of each school watched the virtual commencement ceremony. Thetotal number of on-line viewers has reached over 110,000.

With your dream and ambition, all of you can show the power of youth and have a brilliant future through unremitting struggle and hardwork. TCU is not only your starting point, but also your home forever. Welcome back, TCU will always be delighted to embrace you!.By keeping the motto Morality and Capacity, Learning and Creating in heart, hope all of you could pursue the excellence from the ordinary, live up to the expectation of your alma mater and become the pride of TCU...Farewell remarks from President Li Zhongxian and Deans of 13 Schools brought the most sincere wishes for the graduates, encouraging them to remain true to their original aspiration and create a bright future through relentless efforts.

I am grateful to TCU, my Alma Mater, for leaving me so many valuable memories. I am also grateful to my beloved teachers and classmates. How lucky I am to meet them in my unique youth time.“I have been studying at TCU for four years. It is like my second home. All the teachers have given me the warmth like family. I sincerely hope my Alma mater will become better and better and cultivate more excellent talents.Thanks to the cultivation of TCU. I love TCU, I love China!  Representatives of outstanding graduates, including international students, expressed their gratitude and pine for their lost youth. They said they would bear in mind the university motto, strive for excellence, and write a splendid chapter of life with their youth.

The melodrama brought students to relive the university life including the sound of reading in the classrooms, the laughters in the dormitories, the sweat of military training, the competition on the football court...joy and sadness, success and regrethave all become the most beautiful sceneries on the road of growth. The Wind Rises, The Crossroad Where the Phoenix Flower Blossoms, Pursuit of Light, The Brightest Star in the Night Sky, these songs sang the youth with the soft melody and the words Parting, Friend and Dream from the songs expressed the feelings of farewell and longing for the future.

At the end of the Cloud Ceremony, Chairman Shi Qingweispoke to the graduates affectionately, If your Alma mater is a warm harbor, the society is a sea”, Exercise more and keep a peaceful mind, Try hard in your work with a strong sense of responsibility, Be grateful and remain true to youroriginal aspiration. Always have anindebted heart, respect every profession and worker; no matter how far you go, don't forget where you set out”, Love your motherland, shoulder your responsibility in your role and serve the people and society heart and soul . The university leadership has sent their best wishes for all the graduates,in the hope that everyone could have passion in their heart and light in their eyes, keep up and rolls on.

Different from before, there is no grand commencement ceremony, no bustling farewell party or even a complete graduation photo. However, TCU prepared a special gift--"Cloud Ceremony" for Class of 2020, which was full of love and blessings. Besides, scenes of commencement ceremony, degree awarding ceremony, scenes with graduation elements like bookmark wall andmessage wall were also constructed in the university square, where graduates could take photos with their teachers and friends, receive their exclusive graduation bookmarks and leave their blessings to TCU.

TCU said goodbye to the graduates in a special way this year, watched them leave with confidence, passion, love and ability to welcome a bright future.

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