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Computing Center
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Computing Center, founded in July 2013, is an important base forteaching and scientific research.
So far, the Center includes 18 full-time faculties, 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 10 lecturers and experimentalists, 1 tutor and 1 center assistant.
The Center covers 3,560 square meters, possesses 1654 sets of equipment and undertakes the task of the teaching of basic computer theories and practices. It also charges the computer laboratory maintenanceand offers high-performance scientific computing services.

The Center carries out reforms with keen determination in teaching and classifies the Basic Computing Courses, adopting modular teaching mode. Except teaching, the Center has established a Course Resource Website and developed Student Operating System, Experiment Reservation System, C Programming Language Teaching System, Computer General Test System and Course Investigation System by itself.
It has alsoestablished a Stereoscopic Network Teaching Platform and adopted the way connected multidimensional teaching in class with learning outside class to reform the basic teaching model.

The center has realized the sharing of all kinds of teaching resources and makes every effort to set up an extracurricular training system to promote students’ comprehensive development.
Meanwhile, the Center works hard to launch teaching reform and scientific research, making remarkable achievements. Having established high-performance computing cluster to research city planning, urban construction, management, and operation, the Center follows the strategic plans of National Smart City and Digital Park.

It also shares the relevant service with colleges and universities in Tianjin by providing computing power support and improving the teaching development level, comprehensive ability, social service ability, etc.

Computing Center

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