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President LI Zhongxian was Awarded Honorary Professor of Bialystok University of Technology
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The awarding ceremony for Honorary Professors of Bialystok University of Technology (abbreviated as BUT) was held on 22nd, April,2021. President of Tianjin Chengjian University, Professor LI Zhongxian was conferred the title of this honor. Rector of BUT-- Ms. Marta Kosior-Kazberuk, the former Rector of BUT--Professor Lech Dzienis, all the Vice Rectors and Senate members of BUT attended the ceremony.

The former Rector, Professor Dzienis gave an introduction and laudation to President LI Zhongxian. He mentioned Professor LI was an expert in disaster prevention and mitigation of China with great international reputation, and that he is a pioneer and practitioner in advocating educational internationalization. Professor Dzienis emphasized both universities had responded actively to the Belt and Road Initiative and jointly established the first Chinese-Polish cooperatively-run school—International School of Engineering. The joint school received extensive attention from the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education,and is a milestone in promoting the exchange and cooperation between two countries.


Pic. 1 Introduction to President LI

Rector of BUT, Ms. Kosior-Kazberuk presented the diploma of Honorary Professor to President LI Zhongxian online. She declared the title of Honorary Professor was not only the acknowledgement of Professor LI Zhongxian’s academic achievements, but also the appreciation of President LI’s contributions to the cooperation between two universities, and to the educational and cultural exchange between China and Poland.


Pic. 2 On-line Conferral of the Diploma

President LI Zhongxian expressed his gratitude to BUT forawarding him the title of Honorary Professor. He mentioned the progress TCU hadmade benefited from the National Reform and Opening policy in China, and benefited from the innovative development philosophies to carry out educational internationalization strategy in TCU. He underlined that two universities had established profound friendship on the basis of mutual trust, sincere cooperation and common development. He has a strong determination to make contributions to the exchange between two universities and two countries in the fields of education,science and culture in the future. The choir of BUT prepared a special gift forthe honoree--the classic Chinese melody Great Ocean, My Home, showcasing the longstanding friendship between China and Poland.


Pic. 3 Live Performance of Great Ocean, My Home

The title of Honorary Professor of Bialystok University of Technology is conferred to the personalities who have great impact on the development of BUT, and who significantly enrich the achievements in the specific fields all around the world. President, Professor LI Zhongxian was the first Chinese professor to have been awarded this title in the history of BUT. The honorary title represents a milestone of TCU in its international exchange and cooperation, it is also an important achievement of China-Central and Eastern European Countries Higher Education Institutions Consortium. The awarding ceremony was broadcast live on local TV and network platforms of Poland, andreceived widespread coverage from local media.


Pic. 4 Diploma of BUT Honorary Professor

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