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ZHANG Zhigang
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School: Energy and Safety Engineering


Dean of Engineering Training Center, Professor


1979.09-1983.07 Tianjin University, B.S.

Research Interest:

Building Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Utilization

Academic Membership:

Councillor of Tianjin Renewable Energy Society (TRES)


1. Tianjin Outstanding Teacher Award;

2. A Second prize and two Third prizes of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Awards;

3. A Second prize of Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award (MOHURD);

4. Two Second prizes of Tianjin Teaching Achievement Award.

Scientific Project:

1. China-Singapore Technology Cooperation Program, Study on the Simulation of Eco-city Local Wind / Thermal Environment and Localized Analysis of Urban Heat Island based on Software (sub-project 2), Application of Localization of Microclimate Simulation Software, 2014.9-2015.10, Chairman.

2. The National Key Technology R&D Program,Integration and Demonstration of Key Technologies for Green Building Operations Management in Tianjin Eco-City (sub-project 1), Research on Key Technologies for Regional Green Building Operation Monitoring, 2013.1--2016.9, Chairman.

3. Tianjin science and technology commission, Research on Heat Transfer properties of Passive Wall Based on MHP Technology, 2017.4--2020.3, Chairman.

Representative Publications:

1. Passive solar wall, National Invention Patent (ZL 201510775931.3).

2. Intelligent wall of heat exchange with HP, National Invention Patent (ZL 201110266862.5).

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