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YANG Dejian
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School: School of Civil Engineering

Appointment: Professor


1. 1983.09 - 1986.04  Xi’an University of Technology  Hydraulic Structure Engineering B.S.

2. 2005.03 - 2009.06  Tianjin University  Structural Engineering     Ph.D.

Research Interest:  

Seismic Engineering and Innovative Structural Systems

Academic Membership:

Executive director of Tianjin Civil Engineering Society

Director of Tianjin Institute of Architecture

Director of Tianjin Institute of Higher Education


1. 2018.05 First prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement in Tianjin (Comprehensive reform of continuous improvement in civil engineering specialty for the needs of industry development)

2. 2014.10Famous Teachers of Tianjin institutions of higher education

3. 2014.09National Excellent Teachers

4. 2013.10  Second Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement in Tianjin (Construction of core curriculum group of civil engineering based on the cultivation of innovation awareness and engineering ability)

5. 2008.10  Third prize of science and technology progress of Henan Province (Surface self balance and large deformation resistant housing system)

Scientific Project:

1. Pilot project of comprehensive reform of majors - pilot project of comprehensive reform of civil engineering major, national comprehensive reform project of majors.

2. Exploration and practice of "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan" for Civil Engineering, Tianjin key teaching reform project.

3. Cultivation of innovation and practical ability of "Excellent Engineer" in Civil Engineering, Tianjin teaching reform project.

4. Experimental study on tri-axial compressive/shear properties of recycled concrete in Tianjin area, Tianjin applied foundation and cutting-edge technology research project.

5. Mechanical properties of high-strength concrete columns confined by high-strength stirrups, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation.

Representative Publications:

1. Yang Dejian. Experimental research on seismic performance of new type of mufti-functional shear walls, Journal of Building Structure, 2009.12, vol.30(2)

2. Shi Lemeng; Yang Dejian. Study on seismic response and isolation measures of low cost base isolated buildings,Building Science,2017.11Vol. 33(11)

3. Yang Dejian. Experimental analysis on seismic behavior of reinforced shale cavity brick masonry walls, Building Structure Journal, 2009.4, vol.39 (4)

4.Yang Dejian. Research on settlement mechanism and influence factors of rigid pile composite-foundation, Engineering Mechanics, 2010.06, vol.27(1)

5. Sun Fan; Yang Dejian; Xue Qian. Different forms of TMD system analyzed the vibration control of the high-rise structureWorld Earthquake Engineering, 2016.06, 32 (2)

6. Yang Dejian; Geng Chen;Song Jianan. Multi-point excitation-based vibration reduction effect analysis of viscous damper in cable-stayed bridge, World Earthquake Engineering, 2015.06,31(2)

7. Yang Dejian; Wang Tiecheng. Research on optimum design and application of double- row pile retaining structure, Engineering Mechanics, 2010.12, vol.27(2)

8. Yang Dejian , Duan meiling. Seismic response of subway station with different distributions of soft soil in Tianjin, Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering, 2014.6,Volume 8(2)

9. Liu Rui; Yang dejian; Li Ya. Seismic Response of Subway Stations in Soft Soil Area, China Earthquake Engineering Journal,2014.03, 36 (1)

10. Li, Xin-Hua; Yang, DeJianExperimental research on seismic behavior of round steel tube concrete N-Joint under different measure, Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, 2012.01, vol.44(1)

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