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Tianjin Chengjian University Opens International School of Engineering
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The opening ceremony of the International School of Engineering (ISE) at Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU) was held at the university on Sept 27.Mr. LIU Xin,supervisor of Education Supervision Office of Tianjin Municipal Government, Chairman SHI Qingwei, President LI Zhongxian, and Vice President WANG Zhongliang jointly unveiled for ISE. Mr. ZHANG Huaquan, Director of International Exchange Office of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, Deans of School of Architecture, School of Civil Engineering, School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, directors of Office of the President, Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School, Student Affairs Office, International Cooperation Office, and all the ISE freshers 2020 attended the opening ceremony.




ChairmanSHI Qingwei addressed in his speech that cooperation in joint degree programs with universities of countries and regions along “Belt and Road” has become an important part of the internationalization of higher education in China right now. The opening ceremony of ISE is an important achievement of Tianjin Municipal Government and Tianjin Municipal Education Commission in responding to the national “Belt and Road” educational initiative. It is also an innovation of TCU to promote the development of high-quality university through educational internationalization. In addition, the establishment of ISE is of great strategic significance for the development of an internationally influential high-level characteristic university in urban construction. He pointed out that ISE should take XI Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics as the guide, firmly implement General Secretary XI Jinping's instructions on educational opening-up and foreign affairs, fully implement the Party's educational policy, firmly grasp the direction of socialist education, and implement the mission of educating people for the Party and cultivating talents for the country. ISE should accurately meet the demand for talents in constructing“Belt and Road”, make full use of educational resources of three universities, combine characteristics of different programs, constantly improve school-running and educational level, and strive to build an international college with distinctive characteristics and first-rateeducational quality. It is necessary to continue to deepen communication and exchanges with Polish universities, to complement each other’s advantages and to build ISE into an important platform for friendly exchanges between China and Poland.


 Chairman SHI Qingwei        

In the openingceremony, the cooperators of ISE, Bialystok University of Technology and Cracow University of Technology congratulated ISE on its successful inauguration with videos and witnessed the important moment together. The Rectors of two Polish universities reviewed the profound friendship among three partners and the process of promoting ISE’s successful application with sharedadvantageous resources. Two Polish Rectors also expressed the determination of building a bright future for ISE together with TCU, and the commitment to providing the best education for ISE students.




In his remarks, President LI Zhongxian reviewed most affectionately the profound friendship between TCU and two Polish universities from establishing partnership to successful launch of ISE. He reviewed the  process of creating ISE, during which he had personally participated in every visit, negotiation, agreement signing, application and defense. He mentioned that the establishment of ISE is also a milestone for TCU in promoting its educationalinternationalization and international cooperation. The successful establishment of ISE was the result of the hard workand devoted efforts of three universities, as well as TCUs fruitful results and good foundation of the internationalization in recent years.


      President LI Zhongxian        

In recent years, TCU has been continuously strengthening its international exchanges and cooperation and speeding up its educational internationalization. In 2010, there was only one degree foreign student. Today, there are nearly 300 degree foreign students from 30 countries. With rich experience in training international talents, TCU established School of International Education in 2016. At present, TCU has signed MOU with 41 universities and institutions in 16 countries, and 23 cooperation agreements with 16 foreign universities. Among them, the undergraduate education project for Engineering Management with VIA University College of Denmark has conducted enrollments for 7 years consecutively and there has been graduates for 3 years. TCU’s cooperation with foreign universitieshas covered bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level. The joint doctoral program with Swinburne University of Technology in Australiahas enrolled two intakes of students. This year, TCU has conducted IPhD program with De Montfort University of U. K. and enrolled the 1st intake of students this year.TCU has also established Punjab Tianjin University of Technology in Pakistan in cooperation with two other Tianjinuniversities, which has enrolled two intakes of students. The establishment of ISE is an important breakthrough in TCU’s educational internationalization, and it also provides an important platform for international cooperation of TCU in order to establish a high-level characteristic university in urban construction.

Mr. LIU Xin,supervisor of Education Supervision Office of Tianjin Municipal Government, congratulated on the establishment of ISE. Heacknowledged the importance of educational internationalization to the realization of educational modernization and to the nation’s development through education He recognized what TCU had achievedin educational internationalization and put forward three hopes for ISE development: firstly, to become the most potential talent training base in order to cultivate more talents who could serve the national strategy and regional development; secondly, to strive to build the best Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school and toenhance the influence of higher education in Tianjinwith ISE’s characteristics and educational level through exploring more ways of development, and taking advantages of quality resources.; Thirdly, to become the most dynamic communication platform and bridge for the continuously deepening exchanges and cooperation, and to add new highlights and inject new impetus into cultural exchanges among different countries and regions along “Belt and Road”.


 Mr. LIU Xin,supervisor of Education Supervision Office of Tianjin Municipal Government        

ISE is a Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school jointly offered by Tianjin Chengjian University, Bialystok University of Technology and Cracow University of Technology of Poland. It is also the first Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school between China and Poland. ISE was officially approved by the Ministry of Education of Peoples Republic of China (MoE)in December 2019. Bialystok University of Technology and Cracow University of Technologyare both Polish public universities with a long history and are certified by MoE. At the beginning of 2013, TCU and two Polish universities established partnership and have jointly cultivated undergraduate and master students. In May 2017, three universities signed the agreement to jointly establish ISE at Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. In December 2019, ISE was officially approved by MoE. Through introducing advanced educational ideas and high-quality educational resources from Poland, ISE has established an international innovation system and international training programs, employed faculties with international educational background, and has actively promoted its international certification and the creation of an “immersive” English learning environment. ISE will vigorously carry out international innovation and practice and is dedicated to cultivate international engineering talents with comprehensive abilities to serve the construction of“Belt and Road”.



This year, ISE has enrolled 240 students for the first time in four programs, i.e. Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering. At the opening ceremony, President LI Zhongxian hoped all freshmen of ISE, as witnesses of the educational cooperation between three universities and ambassadors of cultural exchanges between China and Poland, could root in China and face the whole world. He hoped that with the help of the platform of ISE, all students could improve their skills, broaden their global vision and competitiveness, live up to the expectations of TCU teachers and students to achieve the common goal of three universities.

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