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Opening Ceremony for Freshers 2020
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On September 27th, the opening ceremony for freshers 2020 was held at thestadium of Tianjin Chengjian University. Chairman SHI Qingwei, President LI Zhongxian, Vice Chairman WANG Gang, Vice Chairman ZHANG Guojian, Vice President WANG Zhongliang, representatives of relevantadministrative offices and Schools as well as all the freshers participated. Vice Chairman WANG Gang, presided over the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony is divided into two parts. The theme of the first part is"The First Acquaintance with TCU". It is divided into five sections:"12 Hours at TCU": making the freshmen feel one-day life at TCU inthe form of micro-videos; "I Want to Attend the Ceremony-- FreshmenVLOG": showing what the freshmen have seen and heard on their way toschool after receiving the admission letter of TCU; “I Want to Attend theCeremony-- Kid, I Want to Tell You": showing the heartfelt messages fromparents to freshmen; "Song Flash": conveying students’ patriotism andlove for TCU with songs. In the last section “I Celebrate My Birthday with MyMotherland”, TCU leadership invited 12 representatives of freshmen to celebratetheir unforgettable 18th birthday on National Day with themotherland.


With the magnificent National Anthem, the second part of the opening ceremony with the theme “To Educate and Forge ahead" started.


As the representative of the faculty, Professor LIU Zhongxian welcomed allnewcomers with his speech and sent his best regards. Professor LIU is the first-levelcandidate of Tianjin "131 Innovative Talents Training Project",Tianjin Distinguished Professor and Young Scholar, Winner of Tianjin ScienceFund for Outstanding Young Scholars, Vice Dean of School of Civil Engineering.He hopes that students will live up to their youth, live up to the expectationsof their loved ones, live up to the great times, and study hard to be educated youngpeople with ideals, morality, and discipline.

On behalf of the postgraduates, LIU Cong, student of Class 2018 of School ofControl and Mechanical Engineering, shared his experience at TCU, and called on students to work hard and live up to their dreams at TCU. LIU is the winner ofnational scholarship, Bohai Moral Scholarship, Tianjin Postgraduate PartyMember Role Model Award, Special Award of Challenge Cup in Tianjin Area. Onbehalf of the undergraduates, WU Zijun, student of School of Foreign Languages,winner of Outstanding Student Award in Tianjin, expressed her expectations fora happy school life and firm determination to become successful. She called onall students to keep their faith, be loyal to their country, study hard and followtheir dreams, in the hope that all her schoolmates could grow more capable withpractice and experience. On behalf of the freshmen, YAO Zhipeng, student ofSchool of Computer and Information Engineering, and MA Menghan, student ofSchool of Architecture, expressed their expectations for a happy school lifeand firm determination to become successful. They hope all students will remaintrue to their original aspirations, keep their mission firmly in mind, chasetheir dreams with set goals and directions despite all the difficulties andwrite a new chapter of their lives with youth and dreams.




TCU has set up an "Alumni Scholarship", and the school leadership issued certificates to 31 students who have won the first place in their provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities among all TCU students in their college entrance examination.



Mr.XU Shujian, alumni of Architecture Class 1990, delivered a speech, hoping allstudents could stick to their original aspirations and dream big, cherish theirtime at school and work hard, and improve overall abilities through reasonabletime planning. Love TCU, serve for TCU, and be a grateful TCUer. XU has beengranted the title of Tianjin "131" Innovative talent, National First-Class Certified Architect, and is currently the Director and ChiefArchitect of Tianjin Fangbiao Century Planning and Architectural Design Co.,Ltd and the Director and legal representative of Tianjin Donglinzhujing Landscape Architecture Planning and Design Co., Ltd.

President LI Zhongxian expressed, on behalf of all TCU staff and students, the most heartfelt congratulations and warmest welcome to all freshers 2020, and extended the most sincere respect and greetings to their parents. In his speech, President LI pointed out that the students had underg one great difficulties and gained experiences with strong self-discipline and great efforts during the period of COVID-19. He was proud of their hard work andexcellent achievements during “online” " preparations for the exam and wasfull of hope and expectations for students’ bright future. At the same time,President LI reviewed the development of TCU since its establishment more than40 years ago when China put forward the policy of reform and opening-up. TCUhas always been closely linked with the prosperity of the country, always resonated with the economic and social development of Tianjin. TCU has starteda new chapter of building a high-level characteristic university in urban construction with continuously expanded opening-up, improved campus culture,school-running level and educational quality. President LI proposed three hopesfor the freshmen: firstly, to be ambitious young people with ideals and firm beliefs; secondly, to be talented young people, to know things from learning,to seek truth, and to practice skills; and thirdly, to be promising young people,be diligent in practice and have the courage to challenge and to innovate. In addition, President LI hoped that the students will carry forward China's spaceand craftsman spirit, fear neither hardships nor difficulties, have the courage to face pressure and setbacks as well as strong spiritual energy to care for themselves. It was time to show their youthful elegant demeanor, to live up to their youth and the high expectations of the times!

This year is the final year of winning a decisive victory in building a moderatelyprosperous society and fighting a decisive battle against poverty. It is also ayear of historical intersection to achieve the goal of "two centenary goals."It is hoped that all TCU students could bear in mind the entrustment of GeneralSecretary XI Jinping, firmly believe that youth is wonderful because of all the exercises, and that life becomes meaningful due to all the struggles. Allstudents should stand firm with their ideals and convictions, adopt apeople-oriented approach, improve personal competence, and to devote themselvesto the great cause of the nation, bravely combine their life pursuit with the development of the country, and strive to shoulder the mission and responsibility of socialist builders as talents with comprehensive abilities soas to let the struggling youth bloom more brilliantly and to write a splendid chapter of life.

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