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President LI Zhongxian Attended 2020 Conference & Presidents’ Forum of The Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium
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On October 30th, 2020 Conference & Presidents’ Forum of The Beltand Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC) was successfully held at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture(BUCEA). The conference was held both online and offline and was co-hosted byBUCEA and Junia (Graduate School of Engineering)(JUNIA) of France. Over 200representatives, including presidents, rectors and experts from 15 architecture universities of 7 countries attended. President of Tianjin Chengjian University(TCU), Professor LI Zhongxian attended the conference online and delivered a speech.



MainVenue of 2020 BRAUIC Conference at BUCEA



BranchVenue of 2020 BRAUIC Conference at TCU



OtherVenues of 2020 BRAUIC Conference at Home and Abroad


At the conference, BRAUIC reported its work in 2020 and plan for 2021. It also studied the direction of international educational cooperation for architecture universities under the new situation with the theme of Building A Community of Architectural Education and explored future development pattern for architecture universities along the Belt and Road. At the conference, President LI Zhongxian delivered a speech, introducing how TCU has promoted educational internationalization on the basis of its own characteristics and actual situation to meet national strategies and regional economic development needs. President LI also proposed to bring into full play the active role of international exchange and cooperation and to accelerate the building of acommunity of architectural education along the Belt and Road.



President,Professor LI Zhongxian at the Branch Venue



                President, Professor LI ZhongxianDelivering a Speech


As an important part of the conference, awarding ceremony of the 2020 BRAUICUniversity Student Architectural and Structural Design Competition was alsoheld. The competition was aimed to cultivate the innovative spirit andpractical skills of college students and to promote academic and cultural exchange among college students from different countries. International Cooperation Office (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office) of TCU organized the competition at TCU and relevant schools cooperated andparticipated actively. Entry from School of Architecture named Noise &Tranquility (student names: LU Cong, MA Long) and entry from School of Civil Engineering named Mingyue Bridge (students names: ZHANG Bing, ZHAO Shuo, WANG Jinfu, LU Chunlong, HUANG Ziwen, ZHAO Quanchang) won third prizes in Architectural Design and Structural Design categories respectively. LIU Hui,WAN Da from School of Architecture and XUE Jiang from School of Civil Engineering won Excellent Advisor Prize. TCU won Excellent Organizing UnitPrize.



EntryTeam of School of Architecture and Their Entry Work Noise & Tranquility




EntryTeam of School of Civil Engineering and Their Entry Work Mingyue Bridge

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