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To Promote International Cooperative Education, To Push Forward with the Construction of “Belt and Road” Education Platform
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窗体In response to the “Belt and Road” education action plan initiated by Chinese and Tianjin government, the Chairman of TCU’s University Council,Mr. SHI Qingwei has been invited by Poznan University of Technology (PUT) and Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) to visit two universities in late May.Chairman SHI led a delegation to hold meetings with Rectors of two universities, discussed further cooperation and attend the centennial anniversary celebration of Poznan University of Technology.

The delegation first visited BUT to meet with Rector, Professor Lech Dzienis and other representatives of BUT. Two sides discussed staff exchange, student exchange and scientific research cooperation, and reached consensus on the implementation of the joint International School of Engineering. BUT, located in Bialystok, Poland, is the biggest university of technology in northeast Poland. The university has Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Management, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, etc. TCU signed Memorandum of Understanding with BUT in 2013, and 7 teachers and 3 students of TCU have been sent to teach and study at BUT with the fund provided by Erasmus+ project jointly applied by two universities. At the same time, TCU has sent 46 undergraduate students and 46 master students to study at BUT. BUT has now become the Polish university having received the largest number of exchange students from TCU.

Chairman SHI Met with Rector Lech Dzienis of BUT

The delegation then visited PUT and met with Rector, Professor Thomas Lodygowski and Vice Rector, Professor Teofil Jesionowski. Two sides exchanged Exchange Agreement and reached consensus on scientific research cooperation, student exchange and joint application of Erasmus program. During their visit at PUT, the delegation also attended PUT’s centennial anniversary celebration.PUT is located in Poznan, Poland. Founded in 1919, PUT is a national comprehensive university focusing on science and technology. There are about 20000 students, 1300 faculty and staff members. The university has 10 faculties, including Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Computing and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, etc. to provide bachelor, master and PhD courses. As one of the most popular universities in Poland, the university has been included in EU’s Erasmus+ program and attract a large number of overseas students to study here every year.

窗体底 Chairman SHI Exchanged Cooperation Agreement with Rector Thomas Lodygowski of PUT


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