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The International School of Engineering Approved by the Ministry of Education Brings New Breakthrough for the Education Internationalization at TCU
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Recently, TCU has received the approval letter from Ministry of Education (MOE) to the Municipal government on the establishment of the International School of Engineering at TCU, which means the International School of Engineering co-organized by TCU and two Polish Universities has been formally approved by the MOE and brings new breakthrough for the Education Internationalization at TCU. The School will introduce high-quality educational resources from Poland and cultivate internationalized compound talents in engineering fields, significantly accelerate the construction of first-level disciplines and further improve the quality of talent training to better serve the “Road and Belt” Initiative.

TCU has developed the partnership with Bialystok University of Technology (BUT)and Cracow University of Technology (CUT)since 2014. With the platform of China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium, the three universities have carried out an overall substantial cooperation, in  exchange of faculties and students, double degree programs and scientific research, etc. In 2016, the three universities planned to set up an International School of Engineering at TCU; in May, 2017, the signing ceremony was held in Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education; then the application was submitted to the MOE through the Municipal government. After three years of efforts, the International School of Engineering has passed many rounds of the demonstration and review presided by MOE and finally got approved recently.

The School will offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees, set up 4 undergraduate programs (Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architecture and Landscape Architecture) and 4 graduate programs (Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Resources and Environment, Architecture and Landscape Architecture), and admit a total scale of 1,200 students, that is, every year admit 240 undergraduates and 60 graduates. The core courses will be instructed in English by Polish faculties. Students of the International School of Engineering can study in BUT or CUT. Those who satisfy the double degree standards will get the double degree.

In recent years, TCU has continuously created new breakthroughs. With 40 global partners, TCU has gradually established a global network of education and cooperation, obtained the 14 international cooperation projects  covering the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. The program of Engineering Management cooperated with VIA University College, Denmark, has passed the evaluation of MOE. Punjab Tianjin University of Technology co-organized with the peer universities has undertaken two successive admissions. The Joint Research Center for Protective Infrastructure Technology and Environmental Green Bioprocess jointly founded with University of Technology Sydney, Australia, was approved as the municipal international cooperation base. Currently, the number of international students of degree study is over 300 from 33 countries. The International School of Education will significantly improve the education internationalization of TCU.

The signing ceremony of International School of Engineering in Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in May, 2017

President, Prof. LI Zhongxian and the Rector of BUT, Prof.Lech Dzienis

President, Prof.LI Zhongxian and the Rector of CUT, Prof. Jan Kazior

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