Joint Research Centers

Joint Research Centers

1. Joint Research Center on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Joint Research Center on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation was jointly founded by Tianjin Chengjian University and The University of Adelaide, Australia. It focuses on the anti-explosion and anti-impact as well as post disaster retrofit of engineering structures, which carries out research on key scientific and technological issues such as explosion impact mechanism, structural dynamic failure mode, energy dissipation and shock absorption, protection and reinforcement.

Relying on the national first-class discipline of civil engineering, the center has strong hardware equipment and human resources support. It has a total area of more than 200 square meters for office and research, and the total value of instruments and equipment is nearly 30 million RMB.

In the past five years, the center has undertaken more than 10 important scientific research projects founded by such as 973 key research and development projects, National Natural Science Foundation, major special projects of Tianjin, and Tianjin science and technology support plan. The center has published more than 100 SCI / EI papers and won four science and technology awards at the provincial and ministerial level.

2. Joint Research Centre for Protective Infrastructure Technology and Environmental Green Bioprocess

Joint Research Centre for Protective Infrastructure Technology and Environmental Green Bioprocesswas jointly founded by Tianjin Chengjian University and University of Technology Sydney, Australia. It was approved as the third batch of Tianjin international science and technology cooperation bases in 2017, and it is the first Tianjin Municipal International Cooperation Base of Tianjin Chengjian university.  Directors and members of academic committee come from all over the world. The center encourages active engagement and research collaboration while endeavoring to cooperate in bioprocess related fields through a series of key activities such as joint research projects, joint publications, exchange of faculty members for research, lectures and seminars, exchange of postgraduate students, and establishment of global bioprocess research network, etc. This will also help to pave the way to the future Memorandum of Understanding between University of Technology Sydney and Tianjin Chengjian University (Faculty/School level at early stage to University level at later stage).

The Joint Research Center focuses on four main groups – bioremediation, water/wastewater treatment, resource recovery and energy production.

Research directions:

(1) Microbial degradation technology of new pollutants, aerobic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology, biosorption technology, novel high-efficiency nitrogen and phosphorus removal technology, biological enhanced technology for wastewater treatment, novel biological wastewater treatment coupling technology, etc.

(2) Bio-electrochemical system (microbial fuel cell, microbial electrolytic cell), phosphorus removal and recovery technology from wastewater, enhanced sludge anaerobic digestion technology, etc.

(3) Research on design and biological evaluation methods of sustainable industrial biological treatment system.

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