Scientific Platforms

Scientific Platforms

TCU implements the innovation-driven strategy to lead the development trend of new urbanization and urban modernization. Following the guideline of creating distinguishing features of TCU, making hallmark achievements,strengthening scientific and technological services, forming research team and improving innovation abilities, TCU has been playing an important role in building scientific and technological innovation platforms at the national , provincial and ministerial levels for resolving major technical issues.

TCU owns 4 Tianjin Key Laboratories, focusing on relevant scientific research of geotechnical characteristics and geological environment, technology of water security assurance and strategy of water pollution control, structural explosion resistance and structural reinforcement, and building energy-saving functional materials and resource utilization of solid waste and light quality. TCU owns a National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Construction Waste Utilization, conducting research on recycling,utilization and evaluation technology of  construction wastes. Landfill and Soft Soil Engineering Center is an Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education in TCU, focusing on the development and application of landfill and soft soil engineering technology. Besides, TCU also has 6 Tianjin Engineering Research Centers and a Municipal Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences, which identifies two unique research direction, urban construction and management, and green construction and operation. TCU has led 3 Municipal Collaborative Innovation Centers concerning development strategy of urban green development, ecological livability and ecological civilization construction as well as the industrialization and technological innovation in the field of green building.

National Engineering Research Center:

National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Construction Waste Utilization

Ministerial EngineeringResearch Center:

Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education of Landfill and Soft Soil Engineering

Municipal Key Laboratories:

1. Tianjin Key Laboratory of Soft Soil Engineering Characteristics and Engineering Environment

2. Tianjin Key Laboratory of Civil Buildings Protection and Reinforcement

3. Tianjin Key Laboratory of Building Green Functional  Materials

4. Tianjin Key Laboratory of Aquatic Science and  Technology

Municipal Key Research Base of  Humanities and Social Sciences:

Research Center for Urbanization and New Rural Construction of Tianjin

Municipal Engineering Research Centers:

1. Tianjin Engineering Research Center of Construction & Coal Waste Utilization Technology

2. Tianjin Engineering Research Center of Green Residential Area Construction Technology

3. Tianjin Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Building System Integration & Detection Technology

4. Tianjin Engineering Center of Natural High Efficiency Utilization Technology

5. Tianjin Engineering Technology Center of Chemical Waste-water Source Reduction and Recycling

6. Tianjin Engineering Research Centre of Coastal Soft Soil

Municipal Collaborative Innovation Centers:

1. Collaborative Innovation Center of Tianjin for Green Building

2. Center of Green Development Research

3. Tianjin Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Green Building

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