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School of Continuing Education
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School of Continuing Education was founded  in 1987as Training & Correspondence Department of Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction. It was renamed three times, namely Adult Education Department of Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction in 1995, School of Adult Education of Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction in 1997 and School of Continuing Education of Tianjin Chengjian University in 2013.

The School develops the continuing education by taking advantage of advanced teaching conditions, excellent faculty, rich teaching experience and advantageous educational environment.

At present, the adult higher education  includes two educational levels: junior school and upgraded school. Specialties in junior school include Architectural Engineering Technology, Engineering Cost, Engineering Survey Technology, Architectural Decoration Art, Urban Gas Engineering Technology, Electro-mechanical Integration Technology. Specialties in upgraded education include Civil Engineering, Project Management, Engineering Cost, Geomatics Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Building Environment and Equipment Engineering, Art Design, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automation. The educational form includes: evening school, correspondence, etc.

Tianjin Chengjian University is one of the early universities that offered courses for Self-taught Higher education examination. The examination majors include two levels: the junior school and upgraded school. The upgraded majors consist of Architectural Engineering, Engineering Cost Management, Architectural Design, Environmental Art Design, Business Management and so on; the junior majors consist of Architectural Design, Bidding and Tendering, Environmental Art Design, House Building Engineering, etc.

A variety of non-academic educational training have been carried out actively and the talent training bases have been developed. In addition, perfect and scientific educational training system has been built up. The school has offered training of  professional skills to meet the demand of construction enterprises and provided many skilled professionals for the enterprises. The training programs are as follows: Constructor and Associate Constructor training, BiddingExperts Professional training, Township and Village Planning and Construction training and so on.

TheSchool always adheres to the guideline of catering for the socialist modernization construction and takes improving the quality of education as the lifeline of the development.

By following the motto, “Morality and Capability, Learning and Creating” ,the School aims to serve the society and adapt to the demand of market. It has cultivated capable and skilled talents and formed distinctive educational features. For more than 20 years, nearly ten thousand graduates have graduated from the School and worked in urban construction area. The school has won the trust of the society with high teaching quality as wee affirmation of the city’s Board of Education. In 2006, it won the title of Advanced School ll as thof Self-taught Higher Education Examination in Tianjin; in 2008,it got an A in the teaching assessment of adult education organized by Board of Education in Tianjin.

School of Continuing Education

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