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Engineering Training Center
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1. Introduction

The Engineering Training Center, established in September 2016, has 1Training and Teaching Department, 1Metalworking Practice Department and 1Center Office witha total number of 20 faculty members.

By adhering to the school motto of Morality and Capacity, Learning and Creating" and students-centered strategy, the Center constructs a modern engineering education and training system and provides platforms for the whole university.

At present, there are 25 training platforms, 46 training projects and 15 specialties.

2. Training platforms

-1F water supply and drainage (pump) training platforms

High-level water supply system, pressure drainage system

Pump (different systems) training


2F  Software training platform

3F Woodworking practice

3F Air conditioning and refrigeration system training platform

3F Indoor gas system experimental training platform

4F Green building training platform

4F Purified water production training platform

5F solar simulation training platform

3. Training activities



         Engineering Training Center          


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