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“Contract Signing Ceremony of International School of Engineering & First Meeting of Joint Management and Academic Committees” Was Held On-line between Tianjin Chengjian University and Two Polish Universities
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 On Jun 22nd, the Contract Signing Ceremony of the International School of Engineering (ISE) cum the First Meeting of Joint Management and Academic Committees was held on-line among Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU) of China, Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) and Cracow University of Technology (CUT) of  Poland. President and Rectors of three universities and members of the two committees attended the meeting.

The President of TCU, also the Chairman of ISE Joint Management Committee, Professor LI Zhongxian reviewed the whole process of ISE establishment, and underlined the joint meeting is the result of full support from the leaders of three universities, the result of sincere cooperation among the international offices of three universities and the result of collective wisdom of faculty in relevant programs of three universities. He hoped three universities could stick to the guideline of friendly negotiation, common development and win-win cooperation in future collaboration, give full play to respective advantages and features, continuously promote ISE educational level and strive to build ISE into a high-level international school and a role model for Sino-Polish educational cooperation, furthermore, vigorously promote educational internationalization of three universities and making greater contributions to cultural exchange and collaboration between China and Poland!

The Rector of BUT, and also the member of ISE Joint Management Committee, Professor Marta KOSIOR-KAZBERUK expressed her gratitude for the efforts of three universities have made during the past four years in ISE preparation, operation and contract signing. She hoped three universities could take this meeting as an opportunity and build the bright future together by providing the quality education to ISE students.

The Rector of CUT, Professor Andrzej BIALKIEWICZ emphasized that the crucial role of ISE is to educate talents who are capable to lead the development of the world. The sincere cooperation among three universities is supposed to be the most effective way to guarantee ISE students could seize the opportunity and overcome all the challenges in their lives.

In the first meeting of Joint Management and Academic Committees, Dean of ISE Professor HUANG Lingxiang, the Vice Chairman of ISE Joint Management Committee Professor Lech DZIENIS, the Vice Chairman Professor Jan KAZIOR, the Vice Deans of ISE, Professor Dariusz ANDRAKA and Professor Krzysztof BOJANOWSKI delivered their speeches on ISE construction, and reached consensus on future working plan and cooperation details among three universities.

In the end, Vice President of TCU, ISE President, Member of ISE Joint Management Committee and Chairman of ISE Academic Committee, Professor WANG Zhongliang expressed his sincere gratitude to the representatives and proposed expectations to the future construction and development of ISE, firstly, to establish advanced working mechanism to enhance the effective communications; secondly, to implement the training outlines and well arrange teaching tasks; and thirdly, to jointly conduct ISE teaching and management by Chinese and Polish teachers on TCU campus.

ISE is Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run institution jointly established by TCU, BUT and CUT. It was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education in December, 2019 as the first joint institution between China and Poland. ISE is dedicated to establish an international cultivation system for engineering talents through introducing world leading educational concept and quality educational resources. ISE adopts cooperative educational mode between China and Poland and establishes international innovative mechanism to cultivate comprehensive talents serving the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative.

The signing ceremony and the first meeting of Joint Management and Academic Committees further clarified the details of future cooperation among three universities and laid solid foundation for the future development of ISE by introducing quality educational resources from Poland and improving the quality of cooperative education. The meeting has been another important milestone of the international cooperation of TCU, and vividly showed the glamor of TCU and the image of China.

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