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Tianjin Chengjian University Welcomed New Students at Opening Ceremony 2023
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On the morning of August 27, Tianjin Chengjian University(TCU) hosted an opening ceremony to welcome its new cohort of students to gather at the stadium of TCU. The opening ceremony was attended by Chairman Shi Qingwei, President Bai Haili, Vice Chairman Wang Gang, Vice President Cui Yali, Vice President Wang Zhongliang, Vice President Chen Zhihua, representatives of relevant administrative offices and schools, alumni and teacher representatives, and all freshers 2023.

At 9 a.m., the opening ceremony commenced amidst the solemn strains of the national anthem.

Winner of Tianjin Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Professor Rong Hui from the School of Materials Science and Engineering welcomed the arrival of the new students and offered his heartfelt blessings as the representative of the faculty. Professor Rong encouraged the students to hold on to their ideals, forge a strong foundation, cherish their time, stay stead fast in their pursuits, and persevere to make the most of their youth. He urged them to adapt to the changing times, sing the song of dreams and strive for excellence with full endeavors, becoming TCUers who dare to dream, dare to pursue dreams, and are diligent in realizing their dreams.

First prize winner at the Tianjin College Student Translation Competition, director of the campus radio station, Wu Zhenyuan from the School of Foreign Languages made a speech on behalf of the undergraduate students.Wu shared her story at TCU with three “dare to” as keywords, hoping that freshmen could dare to explore, dare to break through and dare to practice. She encouraged all the new comers to ride the wind and waves while enjoying the melody down the road of youth.

The graduate student representative, Feng Lei from the School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, who was the Executive chairman of the Graduate Student Union and winner of Excellent Student, shared his time of study and conducting scientific research at TCU and how TCU holding special significance to him. He encouraged all the students to integrate their individual aspirations into the collective goals and strive for their personal best on the track of youth.

On behalf of the freshmen of 2023, Zhang Wenxi, from the School of Economics and Management, expressed her gratitude to TCU and her expectations for the future. She conveyed her commitment to dedicating the next four years with determination and a proactive attitude, laying the foundation and building strength for future development. Zhang emphasized the importance of making the most of the abundant learning resources and practical opportunities provided by the university to enhance knowledge, cultivate skills, and prepare to shoulder the responsibilities of the era.

Alumni representative, Mr.Tang Fusheng, chairman of Tianjin Environmental Construction Investment Co., Ltd, also a 1996 graduate of the School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering majoring in water supply and drainage, shared his fond memories of the unforgettable four years spent at TCU and expressed deep gratitude to the cultivation of his alma mater. He encouraged the younger students to cherish the time and embark on new journeys with increased determination, redouble their efforts to break through, integrate into the times and make their own contributions, forge ahead with enterprise and fortitude to be excellent TCUers.

President Bai Haili, on behalf of all TCU community, offered the most heartfelt congratulations and warmest welcome to all freshers 2023. In the carefully prepared "first lesson of the new semester", he expressed his sincere hopes to all the freshmen. Firstly, he hoped all the students could hold firm ideals and beliefs in the future as their guiding lights. He encouraged them to anchor their youth in their ideals and beliefs, to practice these ideals and beliefs through diligent study and hard work, to manifest their commitment to the country and society through unwavering actions, and to foster a sense of patriotism and concern for the development of the times, the destiny of the nationand the future of the country. He urged them to make efforts in the new era with their youth shining with innovative and creative ideas. Secondly, he hoped all the students could face the future by honing their skills and capabilities. He stressed the importance of diligent learning, critical thinking, and skill improvement, and asked them to cherish the youth and dreams, and strive to master the fundamental skills of life and career. He called on them to become college students with ambition and aspiration, with responsibilities and achievements, and with character and refinement. Thirdly, he wished for all the students to make unremitting efforts for the future, draw strength from the great era, remain true to their original aspiration while forging ahead through adversity, and create their own brilliance during their youth, contributing to both their personal growth and the history of TCU.

To further strengthen the education of new students in their love for and pride in the university, and to enhance their sense of identity, TCU specially designed the first collective roll-call session. With 15 schools represented by 15 waving school flags, and over 4,900 new students responding with a resounding "here," it created a stunning scene at the opening ceremony. This display showcased the vibrant enthusiasm and vitality of the youth at TCU, highlighting their resolute determination and remarkable spirit as they embark on their journey.

Your passion is worth pursuing,

Your future begins from here.

From all corners of the country, we gather as one,

In this moment,

The horn of youth's journey is sounded.

On this journey,

Let us move forward together.

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