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Tianjin Chengjian University Participated in the Construction of the First Luban Workshop in Central Asia
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In order to actively contribute to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, thoroughly implement the consensus reached by the Presidents of China and Tajikistan at the China-Central Asia Summit and the overall requirements of successfully running the first Luban Workshop in Central Asia, and foster a Sino-Tajik community of shared future with generational friendship, shared weal and woe, and mutual benefit and win-win outcomes, Wang Zhongliang, Vice President of Tianjin Chengjian University(TCU), recently led a delegation to visit Tajikistan, and signed a joint training cooperation agreement to participate in the construction of the Luban Workshop launched by Tajik Technical University and Tianjin Urban Construction Management & Vocation Technology College. The delegation also participated in the first China-Tajikistan Vocational Education Forum. Zhang Ling, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin Municipal People's Government, Ji Shumin, Chinese Ambassador to Tajikistan, Chen Shizhong, Deputy Secretary General of Tianjin Municipal People's Government, Wang Jiahui, Chairman of Tianjin Energy Group, and Zamshed Zhurazoda, First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Tajikistan, attended the forum and jointly witnessed the signing ceremony of the three schools from two countries.

At the forum, Wang Zhongliang delivered a keynote report titled Gathering Momentum for Further Development, Aspiring for Innovation, and Striving to Create A New Ecology of International Education Integrating Vocational and General Education. He discussed and exchanged ideas with experts and scholars from the education and industry sectors of China and Tajikistan on topics such as the integrated cultivation of knowledge, skills and scientific spirit, the operation and development path of Luban Workshop, the collective development of Luban Workshops in Central Asia, and the cultivation of high-quality technical and skilled talents in Tajikistan, etc. With the joint witness of the forum representatives, Wang Zhongliang, on behalf of TCU, signed a joint training cooperation agreement to participate in the construction of the Luban Workshop with Tajik Technical University and Tianjin Urban Construction Management & Vocation Technology College .

During the visit, the delegation also visited Dushanbe No. 2 Power Plant in Tajikistan, and held discussions with the representatives from enterprises participated in the joint construction of Tajikistan Luban Workshop as well as faculty and students of the workshop, focusing on the training of international technical and skilled talents. This has provided a deep understanding of the demand for technical and skilled talents in countries along the Belt and Road and the current situation of talent training at Tajikistan Luban Workshop, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Located in the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, the Tajikistan Luban Workshop is the first Luban Workshop in Central Asia. The workshop, a collaborative efforts between Tianjin Urban Construction Management & Vocation Technology College and Tajik Technical University, offers two majors, including urban heating application and engineering measurement technologies. It was officially put into operation in November 2022. The signed joint training cooperation agreement will facilitate joint training at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, providing opportunities for more outstanding Tajikistan students to study in China. This collaboration aims to enhance mutual learning and teaching, interactions and exchanges between teachers and students from China and Tajikistan.

The participation of TCU in the joint construction of the Luban Workshop in Tajikistan is an important measure to implement the requirements of the national policy on advancing the integration of vocational and general education, industry and education, and science and education. It aligns with the spirit of  the Implementation Plan for Exploring New Models of Modern Vocational Education System Construction and Reform released by Tianjin Municipal People's Government. This effort is a crucial step in cultivating high-quality skilled talents. Relying on TCU's high-quality educational resources at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, it aims to establish a comprehensive vocational education system covering vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate education, innovating a joint training model across technical training and academic education at Tajikistan Luban Workshop. This initiative provides diverse choices for students of the workshop to succeed in multiple paths, elevating the level and quality of technical and skilled talent cultivation and enhancing the core competitiveness of the workshop. In the future, TCU will continuously improve the quality of talent cultivation in accordance with the requirements of workshop joint construction, jointly cultivate more outstanding young talents from Tajikistan, share technical skills, promote the dissemination of Chinese culture, and actively contribute to cultural exchange and people-to-people connectivity between China and Tajikistan.

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