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“Cloud” Commencement of Tianjin Chengjian University for Graduates of 2022
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Long is the summer’s day, song of farewell to thee. On the morning of June 25th, Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU) held the on-line commencement for graduates of 2022. All graduates and their teachers, relatives and friends gathered online, witnessing the graduates of 2022 to start a new chapter of their life. Totally over 20,000 on-line viewers watched the commencement live.

The “Cloud” Commencement unfolded with the graduation-season video for graduates of 2022, bringing back the unforgettable memories of campus life and youth. The graduates reviewed every little thing during their studies at TCU, demonstrating their efforts in times of difficulties and their determination to practice the university motto——Morality and Capability, Learning and Building throughout their life.

The graduation ceremony was attended by university leaders, SHI Qingwei, WANG Gang, CUI Yali, ZHANG Guojian, WANG Zhongliang, CHEN Zhihua, Deans and Chairmen of all the schools, graduate representatives on site and all the other graduates on line. The graduation ceremony formally began with the solemn national anthem. All participants sang the national anthem together, expressing their love for the nation and their alma mater.

In his remarks, SHI Qingwei, Chairman of TCU Council mentioned that the graduates of 2022 were special, because they had shared the opportunities and experienced unprecedented events. Chairman SHI encouraged the graduates to forge ahead, strive for personal progress and to achieve best records among contemporary youth. He also put forward his earnest expectation for the graduates, hoping that the students could become great and worthy talents to take on responsibilities bravely, serve the society and contribute to the country as their highest pursuit and to achieve success in life, integrate their patriotic love for the country into their practical actions, dedicate their youth to the places where it’s most needed, and write their own chapters in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Leaders of all the schools and teacher representatives wished the graduates a happy graduation via a video, hoping that the graduates could forge ahead while dedicating themselves to the social responsibilities in a down-to-earth manner in the new stage of life, winning glories for their alma mater with their actions and achievements. Staff members working at the campus cafeteria, dormitories, and security, and the gardeners, also sent their blessings to the graduates.

WANG Gang, Vice Chairman of the University Council announced Decision of Tianjin Chengjian University on Awarding Outstanding Graduates of Graduates of 2022. She also encouraged all graduates to stand firm in their ideals and beliefs, face the challenges ahead, and become useful talents to shoulder great responsibilities with morality and determination. Vice President CHEN Zhihua announced Decision on Awarding the Master’s Degree and Decision on Awarding the Bachelor's Degree. He congratulated the graduates on the successful completion of their studies and the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

At the degree conferring ceremony, President BAI Haili, Chairman of University Academic Committee, turned the tassel and granted the degrees to representatives of graduates of 2022. All teachers and graduates on-site witnessed the important moment of lifetime, which marked their successful completion of studies and degree-receiving. This solemn, exciting and memorable moment highlighted wisdom and efforts of their youth.

When we drink water, we shall not forget its source; when we finish our studies, we shall not forget our teachers. Graduate representatives expressed their gratitude to their teachers and alma mater with flowers.

President BAI Haili promised solemnly: “Every year, we will reserve a place for you, whenever you are back to attend the commencement. You are always welcome back to your alma mater, walking along Jianyuan Road, tasting the delicious food and meeting with your teachers, when the epidemic ends and the crabapple flowers are in full bloom. We will be here, forever waiting for you at No. 26 Jinjing Road.” On behalf of the university, President BAI expressed the warmest congratulations and best wishes for graduates of 2022 and proposed his expectations: first, all graduates shall keep firm belief in patriotism, keep pace with the progress of the nation and make contributions with active efforts; second, all graduates shall shoulder responsibilities bravely, become down-to-earth doers, work in the frontline, make technological breakthrough, increase knowledge and skills and realize their value; third, all graduates shall acknowledge their mission to become leaders in active innovation, seize the opportunities, dare to find problems in changes and use their knowledge to solve problems, transform from passive adaptation to active innovation, and uphold creative and innovative thinking.

The ceremony ended successfully with a music video Cheers (in Chinese: Gan Bei) and a bonus scene prepared specially for all graduates.

Fellow graduates, standing at a new starting point, please bear in mind the mission of our nation and the advice from your alma mater, keep your eyes on your beliefs and your feet on the ground, to serve the society, make achievements and contributions to the times. Your alma mater wishes you a happy graduation!

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