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TCU Professor LIU Zhifeng Among the World’s Top 2% Scientists 2022
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Recently, Professor LIU Zhifeng from School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tianjin Chengjian University(TCU) was listed among Stanford University Top 2% Scientists List for “career-long impact” (1960-2022) published by Elsevier.

“Stanford University Top 2% Scientists List” is released by Professor John P.A. Ioannidis and his research team from Stanford University and Mendeley Data of Elsevierusing citations from Scopus. The list is created to provide standardized information on citations, Hirsch H-index, co-authorship adjusted Schreiber Hm index, citations to papers in different authorship positions and a composite indicator. Separate data are shown for career-long and single-year impact, covering 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields.The list provides a measurement index for scientists’ long-term scientific research performance, which can reflect the influence of scientists more objectively and truly. The inclusion of scholars demonstrates high world influence in relevant fields.

Professor LIU Zhifeng is currently the Dean of TCU School of Materials Science and Engineering, and the director of Tianjin Key Laboratory of Building Green Functional Materials. He is the winner of the first Tianjin Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, the first level member of Tianjin “131 Talent Project”, the young and middle-aged leading talents in scientific and technological innovation of Tianjin Innovation Talent Promotion Plan, and the member of “Discipline Leading Talent Training Plan” for Tianjin universities, etc. Professor LIU holds several academic titles such as the council member of Testing Technology Division of the Chinese Ceramic Society, and Tianjin Ceramic Society, etc. He conducted more than 20 scientific research projects including The National Natural Science Foundation of China and Tianjin Key Research and Development Plan. His current h-index stands at 48 with the publication of more than 200 SCI papers as the first author or corresponding author, including 23 highly cited papers of ESI (5 hot papers). He haspublished1 textbook and 2 academic monographs, and applied more than 40 national invention patents. He has won 1 second prize, 2 third prizes of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award and 1 third prize of Tianjin Natural Science Award (ranked 1st).

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