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Leadership of Tianjin Chengjian University Inspected Preparations for The New Semester
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On February 27th, the first day of the 2023 spring semester of Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU) started, and the university started offline teaching. SHI Qingwei,Chairman of TCU Council, and BAI Haili, President of TCU, led other members of the leadership to attend professional classes, physical education classes and visited the school hospital, etc. They investigated the teaching situationand the hospital operation and all was in good order and well-prepared for the new semester. The university leadership fully affirmed the teaching operation, the morale of teachers and students, and the health and safety management, and encouraged the faculty to work hard in the new semester, coordinate university development with other areas of work, and comprehensively ensure the quality of education and the health and safety of teachers and students.

Since February 23rd, TCU leadership had successively investigated key areas such as student apartments, canteens, construction sites, and health stations toinspect preparations for students' return, food security, and safety on campus, etc. During the inspection,the leadership required all staff to continue to strengthen the construction of one-stop apartment communities and strive to provide students with a good living environment. They mentioned it was necessary to ensure food security and reasonable prices to fully benefit teachers and students, to ensure the responsibility for safe production, to ensure the quality and safety of campus construction, to ensure measures against infectious diseases, to coordinate the storage of medicine and relevant materials, and to strengthen teachers and students’ health monitoring and health management.

In the new semester, TCU will continuously improve the quality of education and teaching with high-level operation management and service, safeguard campus safety and stability with a strong sense of responsibility, and strive to create good campus atmosphere and educational environment thus to lay a solid foundation for a good start to the new semester.

Directors of the President Office, Student Affairs Office, Academic Affairs Office, Office of Campus Security, Office of Logistics Support and other relevant departments accompanied the inspection.

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