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ZHAO Ruibin
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School: School of Geology and Geomatics

Appointment: Dean of School of Geology and Geomatics (Professor)


1. 1982.09-1989.06: Xi'an Institute of Geology (Chang'an University)  Hydrogeology and engineering geology  Master

2. 1998.09-2001.10: Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration Structural geology, Ph.D.

Research Interest:

Geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering

Academic Membership:

Member of Seismological Society of China; Member of Chinese Geophysical Society; Member of China Architecture Society.

Scientific Project:

1. Comprehensive scientific investigation on the west section of the West Kunlun Mountain Pass earthquake with Ms8.1 in 2001, 2001-2002, Chairman

2. Study on microstructure characteristics of soft soil in Binhai New Area of Tianjin and application of in-situ testing technology, 2007.10-2010.10, Chairman.

3. Compilation of regional active fault map in the Bohai Rim Area, 2012.03-2013.03, Chairman.

4. Numerical simulation of structural stress field in Tangshan urban planning area,2011.03-2012.06, Chairman.

5. Preparation of Seismogeological structure map of Liaoning coastal area and Shandong Peninsula, 2011.03~2012.06, Chairman.

6. Comprehensive study of Seismogeological conditions and geostress field in Laizhouwan area and compilation of regional active structure distribution map, 2010.03~2010.12, Chairman.

7. Comprehensive study of seismic geological conditions and numerical simulation of in-situ stress field in Tianjin – Tangshan - Qinhuangdao, 2009.03-2010.06, Chairman.

8. Study on dynamic characteristics of Tianjin Coastal dredger fill,   2004.07-2007.07, Chairman.

9. Fracture characteristicsof strong earthquakes andPALEOEARTHQUAKES in the northernedge ofKashi Depression,2001.08-2004.08, Chairman.

10. Study on strength of soft soil structure and optimization of foundation treatment technology in Binhai New Area of Tianjin, 2006.05-2008.05, Chairman.


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