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WANG Shaopo
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School: School of Environmental and municipal engineering

Appointment:Vice Dean, Professor


1.1995.9-1999.7 : Bachelor of Water and Wastewater Engineering,  Hebei University of Architecture

2.1999.9-2002.6: Master of Municipal Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

3.2002.9-2005.6: Ph.D. , Environmental Engineering,  Beijing University of Technology  

4.2010-2012: Postdoc, Beijing Key Laboratory of Water Resources Protection

5.2015-2016: Visiting Researcher at Tohoku University, Japan  

Research Interest:

Biological wastewater treatment; Ecological restoration of water environment


The first level of “131” innovation talents in Tianjin; "Leadership in disciplines" in Tianjin universities.

Scientific Project:

1.2017-2020, National Natural Science Foundation of China (51678388), The Response to Environmental Stress and Regulation of Accumulibacter Community Structure and Metabolic Behavior, Chairman.

2. 2009-2011, National Natural Science Foundation for Young Scientists of China (50808128), Study on Microbial Metabolism Characteristics and Sludge Reduction Mechanism in Alternating Anoxic/Aerobic Sequential Batch Reactor, Chairman.

3. 2010-2013, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation (10JCYBJC05300), Optimization and Control of Circulating Activated Sludge Method for Pollutant Removal, Chairman.

Representative Publications:

1.Wang SP, Yu JJ, Su FK, Gao F, Sun LP. Particular internal recirculation frequency scope for enhancing denitrifying phosphorus removal in an oxidation ditch. Water Science and Technology. 2019, 80(1): 191-202.

2. Li Q, Wang SP, Zhang PD, Yu JJ, Qiu CS, and Zheng JF. Influence of temperature on an Anammox sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system under lower nitrogen load. Bioresource Technology. 269: 50-56, 2018

3. Wang SP, Liu Y, Niu QG, Ji JY, Hojo T, Li YY. Nitrogen removal performance and loading capacity of a novel single-stage nitritation-anammox system with syntrophic micro-granules. Bioresource Technology. 236: 119-128, 2017

4. Liu Y, Niu QG, Wang SP, Ji JY, Hojo T, Li YY. Upgrading of the symbiosis of Nitrosomanas and anammox bacteria in a novel single-stage partial nitritation–anammox system: Nitrogen removal potential and Microbial characterization. Bioresource Technology. 244: 463-472, 2017

5. Wang SP, Yu JJ, Wei TL, Chi YZ, Sun LP, Peng YZ. Applying real-time control for achieving nitrogen removal via nitrite in a lab-scale CAST system. Environmental Technology. 2012, 33(10): 1133-1140.


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