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WANG Hailiang
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School:  School of Civil Engineering

Appointment:  Dean of School of Civil Engineering, Professor


1988.09 - 1991.07 : Southwest Jiaotong University, Master of Science, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

Research Interest:

Inspection and retrofit of existing bridge structures; innovative structural systems of bridges


1. Tianjin Model Worker, Tianjin Government, 2015.

2. Recipient of Special Government Allowance, State Council of the Republic of China, 2015.

3. Excellent Faculty Award of 12th Tianjin Advanced Education, Tianjin Education Commission2018.

4. Comprehensive construction technology of tunnels with large span and small clear distance based on BIM2nd Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award2019.

5. Research and application of key technology for strengthening existing concrete bridge with basalt fiber sheet2nd Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award2019.

6. Comprehensive construction technology of curved truss girder bridge with CFST lattice pier1st Prize of Sichuan Province Science and Technology Progress Award2015.

7. Research and application of key technologies of composite continuous girder bridge with curved concrete-filled steel tubular truss1st Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award2014.

Scientific Project:

Research and application of key technology of existing damaged concrete bridges strengthened using basalt fiber sheet, Key Projects of Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, Principle Investigator (PI).

Representative Publications:


1. Concrete filled steel tubular truss composite beam with removable bridge deck and its construction methodZL 2017 1 0160194.5, 2018, Authorized.

2. Hoisting device and method for segmental bridge construction, ZL 2015 1 0183633.5, 2016, Authorized.

3. Precast deck space steel tube concrete truss composite beam and its construction methodZL 2014 1 0082782.3, 2015, Authorized.

4. Concrete support system and construction method for cantilever casting construction of 0#, ZL 2013 1 0553638.3, 2015, Authorized.

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