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HUANG Lingxiang
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School: School of Economics and Management

Appointment: Director of International Cooperation Office, Professor


1. 1995.09-1999.07  Bachelor of Land Use and Plan, Huazhong Agricultural University

2. 1999.07-2002.02  Master of Land Management, Huazhong Agricultural University

3. 2002.07-2005.06  Doctor of Regional Economics, Nankai University

4. 2005.07-2007.11  Post Doctor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

5. 2016.07-2017.02  Visiting scholar, Louisiana State University, USA

Research Interest:  Regional economics, land economics, land policy


1. The monograph "Research on the adjustment of urban land use structure" won the third prize of the 15th social science outstanding achievement award of Tianjin, Certificate No. TJSK15-3-41, the first author, May 2018.

2. The monograph "Research on macro-control mechanism and tool innovation of land policy" won the third prize of the 12th social science outstanding achievement award of Tianjin, Certificate No. TJSKJ-3-52, completed independently, December 2010.

3. The Research Report "Research on the development policy of Sino Singapore Tianjin eco city" won the first prize of the 12th social science outstanding achievement award of Tianjin,Certificate No. TJSKJ-1-26, the fourth author, December 2010.

4. The Research Report "12th Five Year Plan and implementation plan for rural urbanization of Binhai New Area"won the second prize of the 13th Tianjin Social Science outstanding achievement award, Certificate No.TJSKJ13-2-71, the fourth author, July 2013.

Scientific Project:

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China——Study on Land Policy Macro-control Mechanism and Instrument Innovation2009.1-2011.12

2. Major Project of Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Foundation——Adjust the Structure of Urban Land Use Problem2009.1-2010.12

3. Major Project of Humanities and Social Science of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission——Study on Tianjin Land Circulation Mode Selection Under the New Urbanization Path2014.07-2016.12

4. Science and Technology Project of Tianjin Land Resources and Housing Administrative Bureau——Study on the Acceptance Technical Standard Details and Management of  High-standard Farmland Project of Tianjin2014.07-2015.07

5. Science and Technology Project of Tianjin Land Resources and Housing Administrative Bureau——Rural Farmland Large-Scale Management and Land Circulation of Tianjin2015.07-2016.07

6. Key Project of Ministry of Education Philosophy and Social Science Research——Study on Building a Unified Urban and Rural Construction Land Market2014-2017)(cooperation partner)(2015.1-2017.12

7. Science Foundation for The Excellent Youth Scholars of Ministry of Education——Study on the Relationship between Land Supply Regulation and Regional Economic Growth2013.6-2017.12

8. Tianjin Science and technology plan project——"Tianjin land space optimization allocation based on the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei"18ZLZXZF001602018.10-2019.9

9. Major Project of Humanities and Social Science of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission——”Study on the spatial optimal allocation of land and resources in Tianjin under the coordination of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei”2018JWZD212018.7-2020.6

Representative Publications:

1. Lingxiang Huang, Lu Yang,Jing Lu. The Thinking of the Land Supply Policy of the Urban Agglomerations under the Regional Cooperative Development[J]. ChinaLand,2019 (04):11-14.

2. Zhengxue Huang, Lingxiang Huang.The logic of land space planning evolution[J]. Public Administration and Policy Review,2019,8(06):40-49.

3. Lingxiang Huang, Rui Yu, Dongchuan Wang, Jianmin Hao. Study on the relationship between spatial structure of land supply and economic growth:Take Binhai New Area of Tianjin as an example[J]. Resource Development & Market, 2018,34(02):183-187.

4. Lingxiang Huang, Chengang Zhang, Jing Lu, Lu Yang. The study of the spatial effect of land supply structure on economic growth:A case study of urban agglomerations in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River[J]. China Land Science,2018,32(09):51-58.

5. Lingxiang Huang, Lu Yang.Experience and enlightenment of redevelopment mode selection of urban construction land at domestic and foreig[J]. Contemporary Economy Management, 2018 ,40(05):51-57.

6. Lingxiang Huang, Jianmin Hao, Ye Xing. Research on the circulation, supply and demand mechanism of collective construction land under the background of industrial upgrading[J]. Land and Resources Information, 2017(06):38-42.

7. Lingxiang Huang ,Jianmin Hao, Jing Lu. Model, Dilemma and Path of Rural Farmland Formula Management[J]. Areal Research and Development,2016,35(05):138-142.

8. Lingxiang Huang, Xunwen Duan, Tianxin Zhang. Study on theBalance of the Supply and Demand of the Redevelopment of Rural Construction Land: A Case Study of Yimatu Village in ChongliZhangjiakou[J]. Journal  of  Tianjin  Chengjian  University, 2016, 22 (1):54-60.

9. Zhu Chen,Anlu Zhang, Lingxiang Huang. Policies and Optimal Amount of Rural-Urban Land Conversion: From the Perspective of Externalities Internalization. Journal of Natural Resources,2016,3104:620-628.

10. Lingxiang Huang, Xiaoli Fan, Jing Lu, Ge Liu. Performance of the Land Supply Regulation Policy Based on the SVAR Model[J]. Statistics & Decision,2015(06): 114-116.

11. Xiaoli Fan, LingXiang Huang*. The characteristics of city size distribution in BeijingTianjinHebei urban agglomeration[J]. Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment,2015,29(09)13-20.

12. Lingxiang Huang. A Study from the Macroeconomic Regulation Perspective on the Spatial-Temporal Change Character of Land Supply Economic System and the Land Policy Performance Evaluation[J]. Contemporary Economic Management,2015,37(04): 74-78.

13. Lingxiang Huang, Xuwen Duan. The Experience and Problems on Rural Construction Land Redevelopment[J]. Contemporary Economic Management,2015,37(01):46-50.

14. Lingxiang Huang, Lanyue Xu. The Expore of new Paths for Development of National High-tech Zone Based on Industrial Cluster Theory[J]. Commercial Times, 2014(10):119-120.

15. Lingxiang Huang, Di Zhao, Liguo Jin. Study On the Realization of Potentially Intensive Land Use in Development Zones: A Case of 673 Plots in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Zone[J]. China Land Sciences,2014,28(10):33-39.

16. Lingxiang Huang, Shaoxun Yang. Foreign Urban Complex Development Experience and Enlightenment[J].Commercial Times,2014(01):34-35.

17. Lanyue Xu, Lingxiang Huang. The Development of Headquarters Economy from Overseas Experiences and its Enlightenment to China[J]. Science and Technology Management Research, 2014,34(16):104-108.

18. Liguo Jin, Lingxiang Huang*. The Theoretical Analysis of Illegal and Supervision Game in the Land use[J].Urban Problems,2014(02):83-87.

19. Liguo Jin, LingxiangHuang*. Study on Micro-foundation Mechanism of Land Policies into Macroeconomic Regulation[J].Science and Technology ManagementResearch,2014,34(09):171-175.

20. Lingxiang Huang,Yun Liu. Performance evaluation of China's land policy participation in macro-control[J]. Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences,2012,40(12):7445-7447+7499.

21. Lingxiang Huang. A summary of the research on the participation of land policy in macro-control[J]. Urban Problems,2010(03):76-80+86.

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