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HE Jixin
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HE Jixin

School: School of Economics and Management

Appointment: Professor


1. 1991.9-1995.7: Bachelor of Economics, School of Economics and Management, Beihua University.

2. 2003.9-2006.3: Master of Management, School of Public Administration, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

3. 2006.9-2009.6: Doctor of Management, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Forestry University.

4. 2011.9-2015.11: Post Doctor, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics .

Research Interest:

1. Urban public service operation management

2. Urban community governance

3. Urban security risk management

4. Green construction operation and management

Academic Membership:

1. Tianjin Green Supply Chain Association, Deputy Secretary-General.

2. Tianjin Capital Construction Economic Research Association, Vice Chairman.

3. Secretary-General, Tianjin Urban Science Research Association.


1. 2018.12 Experts in the Tianjin Municipal Government Decision Consulting Expert Database.

2. 2018.5 Peer Review Expert of National Social Science Fund Project.

3. 2017.10 Ten thousand outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship mentors nationwide. Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mentor of Talent Center of Ministry of Science.

4. 2017.6 "Leading Talents in Management Science and Engineering" in Tianjin Universities

5. 2015.6 Excellent Science and Technology Commissioner of Tianjin University.

6. 2015.5 Tianjin's fifth batch of "five batches of" talents.

Scientific Project:

1. 2018.9-2019.12 Research on the Construction Path of "Internet + Community" and "Smart Community" in urban and rural areas

2. 2018.5-2018.12 Research on the Docking Mechanism and Policy Promotion of Green Supply Chain and Free Trade Zone in Tianjin Construction Field (No. XYGK2018119)

3. 2017.8-2018.10 Study on rural Sewage Treatment problem and Long-term Mechanism in Tianjin

4. 2017.11-2019.10 Effect Assessment and Improvement Countermeasures of Scientific and Technological Innovation contribution in the field of people's livelihood (No.17ZLZXZF00640)

5. 2016.12-2019.10 Research on Improving the Level of Grassroots Public Service Supply and Policy Promotion in Tianjin under the Background of Refined Social Governance (No.2016JWZD32)

6. 2015.12-2018.6 Research on Green Supply Chain Management System mechanism and Policy Incentive System in Tianjin Construction Field (No.2015-24)

7. 2015.11-2017.8 Research on International Supply Chain Management Innovation Strategy of Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises ((No.15JCTPJC61000)

8. 2015.4-2017.2 Study on Comprehensive Law Enforcement of Street town and Construction and Development of Community Social Organizations and Countermeasures (No.ZFZX2015-38)

9. 2014.5-2014.10 Research on Countermeasures of New-type Urbanization and Beautiful Town Construction (No.TJZDWT130105)

10. 2014.2-2015.7 Research on Optimization of Building Economic Policy and Innovation of System and Mechanism in Tianjin development (No.TJZDWT130308)

11. 2013.6-2019.10 Research on The Supply Difficulty and Solution Mechanism of Public Goods in Urban Communities from the Perspective of value Chain (No.13BGL151)

12. 2012.9-2013.7 Research on problems and Countermeasures of Rural Social Management Organization System of "Village To Residence" Community (No.TJNWY2012008)

Representative Publications:

Published Works and Teaching Materials

1. He Jixin. Research on the Governance Innovation of the Collaborative Supply of Public Goods in Urban Communities, Machinery Industry Press,ISBN978-7-111-64289-3.

2. He Jixin. A Study on the Supply Model of Rural Basic Public Products and the Rural Social Value Appreciation, Intellectual Property Publishing House,2013.

3. He Jixin. A Study on the Supply Model of Rural Basic Public Products and the Rural Social Value Appreciation, Beijing: Intellectual Property Publishing House,2013.4,ISBN978-7-5130-1975-0/F●601.

4. He Jixin, Wu Xian. Research on Government Supply of Public Products in State-owned Forest Region of Jilin Province, Beijing: Intellectual Property Publishing House,2011.1,ISBN978-7-5130-0280-6/F●383.

Published papers

1. He Jixin,He Haiqing. Research on Virtual Agglomeration Innovation of Community Public Services in the "Smart+" Scenario[J].Journal of Hubei University for Nationalities (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition),2020,38(4):17-27.

2. He Jixin,Bao Yu. Research on identification of major public health risks in community prevention and control and full-cycle management strategies[J].Learning and Practice, 2020(5):90-101.

3. He Jixin, Chen Zhenzhen. Collaborative supply innovation of community public goods under the paradigm of value chain network structure[J].Journal of Jishou University (Social Sciences Edition),2020,41(2):98-105.

4. He Jixin, Shao,Yanli, Han,Yanqiu. Multidimensional Security Risk Identification of Urban Public Goods and Its Structural Hierarchical Relationship[J].Journal of Northwest University for Nationalities (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition),2019(6):154-162.

5. He Jixin,Yu Lu,He Haiqing. Refined governance of grassroots public services: action orientation, suitable conditions and structural framework[J].Journal of Shanghai Administration Institute,2019,20(5):45-57.

6. He Jixin, He Haiqing, Han Yanqiu. Action logic, attribute characteristics and innovative thinking of urban public goods security risk governance[J].Journal of East China University of Science and Technology (Social Science Edition),2019,34(3):100-108.

7. He Jixin, Li Lulu. The functional value implication and construction mode design of the intelligent supply of public services in urban communities[J].Journal of Hainan University (Humanities and Social Sciences Edition),2019,37(4):56-64.

8. He Jixin,He Haiqing. Smart supply and governance of public services in urban communities: basic characteristics, target directions and advancing paths[J].Learning and Practice,2019(4):100-109.

9. He Jixin, Shao Yanli. The three-dimensional model of the intelligent supply of community public services and the construction of the operating mechanism system[J].Journal of Gansu Institute of Public Administration,2019(1):64-75+126.

10. He Jixin, Li Lulu. The framework and scientific paradigm of university innovation and entrepreneurship education system: a dual perspective of academic and industry[J].Heilongjiang Higher Education Research,2019,37(1):29-34.

11. He Jixin, Zhang Haonan. Green building industry serves the construction of new urbanization: demand response, embedded space and strategic choice[J].Enterprise Economy, 2018 (12): 13-19.

12. He Jixin, Jia Hui. The connotative characteristics, academic reasons and basic principles of urban community security resilience[J].Learning and Practice,2018(9):84-94.

13. He Jixin, Jia Hui. The Value Myth and Standard Return of Public Service Co-construction, Co-governance and Sharing in the Transition Period[J].Learning and Practice,2018(4):43-52.

14. He Jixin, Yu Lu. The logical connection, social action and path innovation of refined governance of grassroots public services[J].Journal of Beijing Administration Institute,2018(1):43-51.

15. He Jixin, Jin Xiaoying. Resilience Governance: From the Alleviation of Public Goods' Vulnerability and Risk to the Innovation of Governance Model[J].Economics and Management Review,2018,34(1):68-81.

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