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10th Anniversary of the Belt and Road, A New Chapter for International Cooperation --The Delegation of Tianjin Chengjian University Visited Two Polish Universities
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In order to continuously expand educational exchanges and cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road and accelerate the process of educational internationalization of Tianjin Chengjian University(TCU), from October 4th to 8th , TCU President Bai Haili, at the invitation, led a delegation to visit Bialystok University of Technology(BUT) and Cracow University of Technology(CUT) in Poland. Bai Haili held discussions with Rectors of the two universities regarding the expansion of cooperation, the innovation of international engineering education models, and the deepening of research collaboration. During the visit, cooperation agreements were signed with both universities. President Bai Haili also met with the Education Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Poland, Yi Jun, and others, and visited the teachers and students of TCU engaged in exchange programsin Poland.

First Visit: Bialystok University of Technology

The delegation firstly visited BUT where they held discussions with Rector Marta KOSIOR-KAZBERUK and Vice Rector Dorota Anna KRAWCZYK, as well as Director of International Relations Office, members of the Academic Committee, and the foreign Dean of International School of Engineering (ISE). Both universities presented their recent achievements in disciplinary development, scientific research, and internationalization efforts, and reached agreements on future initiatives, including faculty and student exchanges, cooperative educational programs, and communication mechanisms within ISE, etc. Subsequently, the two universities jointly signed a student exchange program agreement.

The delegation conducted on-site visits to the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Confucius Classroom of BUT. They visited the laboratory for structural engineering and energy-efficient building materials, gaining firsthand insight into the practical teaching environment and the allocation of educational resources.

The delegation met with the Education Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Poland, Yi Jun, and others.They visited the teachers and students of TCU engaged in exchange programs at BUT. Yi Jun warmly greeted the teachers and students, and provided them with advice and guidance on their overseas studies. Bai Haili encouraged the students to devote themselves to learning and improving themselves, and to make positive contributions to promoting cultural exchanges and people-to-people connectivity between China and Poland.

The delegation was invited to attend the opening ceremony for the 2023-2024 academic year at BUT. Three ISE students were invited to attend the ceremony as representatives of international freshmen and were awarded commemorative admission notices.

Second Visit: Cracow University of Technology

The delegation’s second stop was a visit to CUT where they held discussions with Rector Andrzej SZARATA and Vice Rector Jerzy ZAJAC as well as directors and deans of the International Relations Office, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and Doctoral School. Both sides discussed expanding the scale of teacher and student exchange, carrying out multi-disciplinary scientific research cooperation and master's and doctoral articulation programs, especially in the field of materials science and engineering. The two universities reached consensus on these initiatives and jointly signed an agreement for faculty and student exchange program as well as a letter of intent for further cooperation.

The delegation conducted on-site visits to the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology at CUT. They engaged in discussions with the deans of these faculties to explore feasible paths for cooperation, including jointly applications for international cooperation projects, hosting joint seminars, and building research platforms, etc.

The delegation visited the teachers and students of TCU at CUT engaged in exchange programs. Bai Haili encouraged the students to adapt to their study and life abroad as soon as possible, study diligently, broaden their horizons, and strive for excellence to become friendly ambassadors for cultural exchanges between China and Poland.

TCU Postscript

This visit to Poland holds significant importance in further consolidating the partnership between TCU and the two Polish universities, comprehensively improving the quality of international talent cultivation, initiating a new phase of high-level international cooperation and exchange, and contributing to the overall high-quality and comprehensive development of TCU. In the future, TCU will continue responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, with a focus on promoting international exchanges and the development of ISE. TCU will build communication platforms, serve as the bridge and link in facilitating cultural exchanges in countries and regions along the Belt and Road, continuously strengthen the ongoing efforts in international talent training, and strive to create a high-quality brand for international education, therebye levating the overall level of educational internationalization.

Members of the delegation included Wang Li, Director of TCU International Cooperation Office, and Huang Lingxiang, Dean of the ISE at TCU.

Introduction to BUT and CUT

Founded in 1949, BUT is the largest technical university in northeastern Poland. The university consists of 6 faculties, including the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture, etc., and is authorized to confer doctoral degrees in 8 scientific disciplines, including Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Automation, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, etc. Many researchers are members of the scientific committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences and international renowned expert associations.

CUT, established in 1946, is a state university boasting nearly 80 years of academic tradition. The university consists of 8 faculties, including the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, etc. The discipline of Architecture and Urban Planning ranks first in Poland. Architecture program is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and Landscape Architecture program is accredited by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) in Europe. CUT was awarded with the highest scientific category A+ for the discipline of Architecture and Urban Planning and 7 other disciplines, such as Information Technology and Telecommunications, Automation, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, etc. received category A in the latest assessment results of the quality of scientific activity at Polish universities and research institutes, placing CUT among the three top Polish universities in its high scientific categories achieved.

BUT and CUT are the two most important partners of TCU in Poland. In 2017, the three universities jointly applied to establish the first Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Institution between China and Poland -ISE, which was officially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2019. ISE enrolled the first intake of students in the autumn of 2020. Currently, there are nearly 1100 students at the school.

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